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    Work Experience

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    Curation, Preparation and Mitigation

    Mitigation Paleontology and Independent Research (2011-Present)
          I am a mitigation paleontologist at SWCA Environmental Consultants in Pasadena, California. I am often in the field making sure fossils found on project sites are properly excavated, recorded and collected. My office work has included technical report writing and research of the primary literature. I have overseen the paleontology preparation lab, and managed and updated SWCA's fossil collections and inventory.
         I spend my personal time pursuing research projects with colleagues around the country. You can read more about them here.

    Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, MT (2000-2011)
         Prior to joining SWCA, I worked with the Museum of the Rockies for 11 years as a volunteer, Crew Chief, histology collections assistant, and preparator. (See Field Work for details)As a histology assistant I organized and updated the histology slide collections of the Gabrielle Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Paleontology with Ellen-Therese Lamme. While there I systematically worked through the entire collections list to track down out of place or missing slides, updating spreadsheets and creating new labels for slides as I went along. The collection had everything from Allosaurus to elk bone, so every drawer was a bit of an adventure.

    Research Assistant- Montana State University (2006-2011)
         During my undergraduate program, I curated the Vertebrate Paleontology Teaching Collection for Dr. David Varricchio, Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University. I added new specimens into the collections, both fossil and modern. The department had a growing osetology collection, and I often ended up  preparing 'fresh' specimens for curation (enzyme cleaning, labeling, reconstruction). I occasionally prepared fossil material and taught volunteers or other students proper preparatory and cataloging techniques.

    Laboratory Assistant- University of South Dakota (2004-2005)
         I assisted Dr. Timothy Heaton in his research efforts by sorting and cataloging fossils found in "On You Knees Cave", Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Primarily, I entered specimens from the SE Alaska Paleontology Project into a data matrix and picked micro-screened sediments for fossil remains of small mammals and fish.

    Conferences and Memberships

    Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meetings: 2006 - Present
    - Host Committee Member, 2011

    Earth Sciences Colloquium at Montana State University: 2007 - 2011
    - Student award for best presentation, 2008
    - Committee Member 2009-2011

    Dead Lizard Society, Montana State University, 2006-2011

    MSU Marine Taphonomy Paper Club, 2010

    MSU Department of Earth Sciences Journal Club, 2009

    Society for the Advancement of Science and Skepticism at MSU, 2007-2008
    -Vice President

    University of South Dakota Geology Club, 2004-2005
    - President

    Grants and Awards

    Undergraduate Scholars Program at Montana State University: 2007-2008 Academic year
    -Awarded research grant for Ethiopian dinosaur research

    Earth Sciences Colloquium, Montana State University: 2008
    Student Choice Award for "Best Presentation"