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About us

There is a wild Fire burning in all of our chests.
Leegilausujad [ Le:gɪlʌʊsʊjʌd ], Fire Whisperers (in Estonian) is a little fire community. Most likely are we the most experienced group in Estonia considering the fire sculptures.
Because of the love we have towards the Fire we are offering You an opportunity to light up your birthday, wedding, corporate event or even a festival You are organizing. We are currently offering:
  • Fire dancing (different equipment such as poi, staff, orb. Also fire-fakir show consisting of fire-eating and contacts)
  • Fire sculptures (both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional, more information about both of them is here.)
  • Fire show (a combination of lighting the sculpture with a dance act)
  • Workshops
  • LED-shows.
We can also offer all sorts of unconventional "fire structures" according to your wishes. Contact us and order a Fire sculpture, dance or a show!

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