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Leeds Get Serious About CO2


Leeds: Get Serious About CO2

Leeds carbon vote - Together we made it happen - thankyou!

A massive thank you to everyone who has got behind the Leeds: Get Serious About CO2 campaign. We're still pinching ourselves,
and celebrating, but yes, Leeds council have voted to cut city carbon 40% by 2020.This is a huge victory for Leeds - we can
now benefit from the low carbon economy and play our part in preventing dangerous climate change. Make no mistake there is a
lot of work to do, and we need to ensure the council don't backslide, but we have the mandate for change.

It’s also a huge victory for 'people power'. The consistent message we've had from councillors is they've never been lobbied like this before, ever. And that's made the difference. And our strength was our diversity: parents, environmentalists, academics, students, citizens, business-people, people of faith...

Leeds has an amazing collection of people, and community groups. Together we made this happen. And together we can
make other changes happen, but next time even stronger, with an even wider coalition. We'll get back to you soon with some ideas..




200,000 people backed The Big Ask, Friends of the Earth’s pioneering climate change campaign.  As a result the UK passed the world's first law to cut CO2 emissions – 80% by 2050.  Together we made it happen.


Reducing carbon emissions has all kinds of benefits.  These include reducing fuel poverty, protecting health and biodiversity, and creating jobs and financial security. 



What is Leeds: Get Serious ABOUT CO2?


Leeds: Get Serious About CO2 is a campaign to lobby Leeds City Council to deliver cuts of 40% by 2020 in Leeds’ total CO2 emissions. Scientists say this is the minimum needed on our way to the 80% cuts by 2050 of the Climate Change Act. They also complement the goals of 10:10, the pledge many have taken to reduce emissions 10% in 2010. All these numbers are the interim targets needed to keep reductions on track, and deliver benefits to people and the planet sooner, not later.


Leeds Council can deliver 40% by 2020 for Leeds because of its responsibility for Housing, Energy and Transport.  Other councils across the UK have already signed up to at least 40% by 2020, and their communities will soon see the benefits.  If Leeds lags behind then we may lose out on these – lower fuel bills and warmer homes, more green jobs, and a stronger local economy.  These documents give more information: Benefits, Paying for it.


Want to know more about the national Get Serious Campaign?