Looking to obtain or maintain a BRC Accreditation?

Need to reduce production downtime and machinery breakdowns?

Or, just looking to introduce a planned maintenance system...

The AWR Machinery Maintenance Planned Preventative Maintenance System (PPMs) is a scheduled maintenance program aimed to reduce machinery breakdowns and failures,  therefore increasing the efficiency of your machinery/production line. 

Our PPM system also meets the given criteria on machinery maintenance set by the British Retail Consortium

(Testimonal from BRC Accredited Customers)

Why planned maintenance?

Planned maintenance has distinct advantages over condition based maintenance (when action is taken on breakdown) such as:

  •      Planned scheduled downtime for repairs, so production needs are not affected.
  •      Costs are more evenly distributed.
  •      Designed to preserve and enhance a machines reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail.
  •      Improved system reliability.
  •      Decreased cost of repair, preventing additional damage to adjacent moving parts.
  •      Decreased production downtime.


Planned Preventative Maintenance Systems - An Overview

We can implement a regular monthly or bi-monthly system in order to keep your equipment in good working order, therefore optimizing efficiency and accuracy.


The visit will include regular lubricating, testing, adjusting and checking for general wear and tear on the machines in order to avoid breakdown. 


We can advice which equipment should be included and the frequency of the checks. Allowing you to create a tailor made program to suit both your business and your budget.


In order for us to establish an effective and efficient PPM system a registry filing system is needed.

  •   A plant register will be taken, listing all the equipment to be included in the system. The register will include all relevant details of each piece of machinery.

  •    PPM ID numbers will be allocated to each machine included, allowing both parties to easily identify and cross reference all information.

  •      A matrix of frequency will be drawn up, detailing when each piece of machinery will be checked. 


  •      Each machine will have its own Individual Equipment Schedules (IES), showing the individual checks to be completed and the finding of each visit. 


  • Should any significant faults be found, a System Variance Report (SVR) will be raised. A copy will be given to the relevant Manager and action to be taken discussed.

 Should you wish to implement a PPM system, or if you have any questions regarding the system please contact,

Andy on 07866 166679 or e-mail us at