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photoshop savant

Ever want to learn how to fully use and understand a super complex application within minutes! Well you can't. But you can absolutely learn little things like doodling and shading and... face swapping! 

Step 1: Find the perfect photo & Upload it to Photoshop! (Drag and drop or File --> open).

Step 2: Duplicate the image layer by right clicking the image layer on the right and "duplicate"

Step 3: Using the pen tool (on left toolbar right above text tool), select freeform pen tool, and circle around one of the faces. Right click the pen mark and "make selection". 

Step 4: After making the selection, press Ctrl (or the command key) and "C" to copy. Off click by using the movement tool (top left tool on left tool bar) and then press Ctrl "V". This will create another image of the selected region.

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 for the other face.

Step 6: Place each of the faces other the other person's face. Try to align the faces to best match the other person's by resizing and re-aligning.

Step 7: begin to blur and erase the hard edges using the blur and erase tool located on the left. 

Step 8: using the "Adjustment function" located under "Image" on the top of your screen, play around with color balance, hue and tones and vibrance until the skin tones are somewhat matching.

Step 9: play around with it. have fun. embarrass people. 

Not bad! Now you are a photoshop beginner!

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