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How to Use & Optimize Twitter

Twitter is a fairly complicated tool for some new users. While it may seem daunting to navigate, here are some tips and tricks that will help you optimize Twitter for yourself or your business!

1) Go to www.twitter.com and hit sign up. If you already have an account, go ahead and log in and skip to direction number 3.

2) Choose a catchy twitter handle (a handle is like a username - it will appear on your page and help people find your tweets). For example, if you are creating a personal profile you should use your own name (i.e. @josiejudy) or if you are creating an account for your business, you should use your business name, space permitting (i.e. @CupcakeHouse).

3) You can tweet about ANYTHING you want! However, you can only use 140 characters. Every space, punctuation mark and letter will act as a character, so you need to be really concise when you tweet! 

4) If you want another twitter account to see your tweet, you can "tag them" in the tweet. To do this, add their twitter handle in your tweet. For example, if I want the Techstars account to see the tweet, I would do: Check out this cool company, @techstars, to learn about startups!

5) If you want people that may not follow you yet to see your tweet, you can use hashtags (#). For example: Check out this cool company, @techstars, to learn about #startups! Now, this tweet will be searchable when someone searches the #startups. This is a great way to get involved with people that have the same interests as you!

6) One point of caution: If you want to tag a company in your tweet but you still want everyone that follows you to see the tweet, you need to either a) tag their twitter handle further into the content of the tweet or b) start the tweet with .@
    For example: .@techstars is a great place to work!

If you do not put the period in front of the @ symbol when you are starting the tweet off with a tag, only you and the account you are tagging will be able to see the tweet.

ENGAGEMENT TIP: Retweets are more valuable than favorites - retweets will increase the visibility of your tweet! Tweet engaging content that people will want to retweet by using hashtags, photos and videos. Twitter is a fast paced environment, so adding anything that will help catch your follower's eyes will help! 

Happy Tweeting!

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