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How To Make Your Pet Instagram Famous

Have you ever wondered how some pets gain thousands or even millions of followers on Instagram? Follow this simple guide and your dog, cat, hedgehog, micro pig, or any other furry friend might just become the next Insta-star!

Step 1:

Make your pet their very own Instagram page. Make sure you come up with a cute or clever name for your pet's account! 

Step 2:

Use plenty of pet-related hashtags every time you post a new pic. There are tons of popular ones including #petsofinstagram, #dogsofinstagram, and #weeklyfluff. Popular hashtags like these are guaranteed to draw fellow pet-lovers to your page!

Step 3:

Post new pictures of your pet often! Pet pages that post more tend to get more likes and more followers. 


Chloe Melka,
Jan 29, 2017, 5:50 PM