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How to Take Care of a T-Rex

Taking care of a T-rex can be challenging but in the end they make great pets. There are many steps you need to follow to make sure they are properly taken care of.
T-Rex need a lot of exercise but are very loving creatures. They chase tennis balls and love to lay in the sun. It is best to keep T-Rex away from cats as they do not particularly like them. It is important to clean their scales daily to keep from infection.
Despite what you may have heard, T-Rex are not carnivores but omnivores. They LOVE carrots. Their preferred source of protein is Taradactal. T-Rex have a very keen sense of smell and are very quick, their prey do not stand a chance. If it is not hunting season, PetCo sells a bagged substitute.
T-Rex need a lot of love. They like to sleep in your bed and under the covers. If you leave them alone for longer than 2 hours they will probably eat you house. It is suggested that they get about 600 hugs a day to be satisfied. They have short front arms so this is difficult but eventually you will get use to it.