LEED for Homes Checklist User Guide

The purpose of this webpage is to help users of the LEED for Homes Rating System share their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of its use, with a focus on strategies, resources, and tips for projects located on Long Island, NY.  

NOTE:  This website is intended to be a supplement to, and not a replacement of, the LEED for Homes Reference Guide and LEED for Homes Checklist.  Always refer to the most recent edition of the LEED for Homes Reference Guide and the Rating System Errata located on the USGBC website here

If you are new to the LEED for Homes Checklist, it is available for download at the bottom of this page.  However to ensure you are reviewing the most up to date checklist go to the USGBC website here for the checklist and other resources. 

This webpage is open for anyone to view using the following link:

If you are a USGBC-LI member and/or have experience using the LEED for Homes Checklist, we would like to encourage you to share your knowledge and experience.  This page is designed to be a repository of expert information that assists users of the checklist, and that only happens with active contributors.  Becoming a contributor is fast and easy.  Email will.babylon@gmail.com with "LEED for Homes Checklist" in the subject line to be added to the ever-growing list.  Becoming a contributor allows you to:
  • Add/Edit the content of all pages
  • Post comments on all pages and sub pages (join the conversation!)
  • Upload attachments

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