Lee Bob Black is a writer and editor. 

His writing appears in The EvoLLLutionThe Next Web, Bookslut, Creative Bloq, Streetlight Magazine, The Faster Times, Tottenville Review, and elsewhere. Currently a senior writer and editor for SkilledUp, he has written for numerous companies, including eBay, Big Think, Comcast, Skype, and JPMorgan Chase. He has volunteered for Canteen Magazine as the co-director of a literacy program and for One Story as a reader. He is based in Brooklyn and virtually at www.LeeBobBlack.com.

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Presentations I wrote about excellent software engineers: characteristics of onebecoming one;. (April 2015.) 

Three SkilledUp articles I wrote about the Digital Book World Conference: lessonsopportunities, and innovations. (January 2015.) 

The EvoLLLution published my article "Challenging Nine Myths about Education and Learning." (January 7, 2015.)


Two of my SkilledUp articles are featured in "Fearless Careers" podcasts about skills and software engineering. (December 2014).

SkilledUp articles I wrote about sales assumptions and marketing, podcasting, and programming skills. (December 2014.) 

SkilledUp articles I wrote about learning a foreign language for business and entrepreneurs that speak foreign languages. (November 2014.) 

The Next Web published my article "What I Learned About Creativity from Pixar’s Ed Catmull." (October 2, 2014.) 

SkilledUp articles I wrote about philosophyethics, and race. (September 2014.)   

SkilledUp articles I wrote for computer analysts and software engineers. (August, 2014.) 

Shel Silverstein and Rumi poems. (January 26, 2014.) 


Canteen magazine interviews with writers: Elliott Holt, Marie-Helene Bertino, Caits Meissner, Tishon, Nathan Larson, and Bill Peters. (December 10, 2012.)

My fiction up in lights: Streetlight magazine published my short story "Treeswing." (June 19, 2012.)


Interview with artist and filmmaker Sandhya Prabhat for the International Literary Film Festival. (November 29, 2011.)

Interview with poet Manal Alsheikh for the International Literary Film Festival.  (November 28, 2011.)

The International Literary Film Festival announces winning films for the 2011 festival. (November 27, 2011.)

Values.com published a flash nonfiction piece of mine, "And My Dad Said Be A Role Model." (March 30, 2011.)


South African Bill of Rights, Durban: part 1 and part 2. (December, 2010.) 

Tottenville Review published my interview with Justin Taylor. (September 15, 2010.) 

Frontier Psychiatrist published my flash fiction, "Racquetball and Morphine." (September 2, 2010.) 

The Faster Times published my interview with Amy Braunschweiger. (August 5, 2010.)

The Faster Times published my interview with Hannah Tinti. (May 26, 2010.) 

Leeologisms. (April 1, 2010.) 

Valerio Rocco Orlando interviews Tara DePorte and Lee Bob Black about love. (March 9, 2010.)


Embarrassing poetic video experiments, part 2: Lee reads others' poems. (December 29, 2009.)

Embarrassing poetic video experiments, part 1: Lee reads his poems. (December 29, 2009.) 

Litersturtainmnet. (December 9, 2009.)

Bookslut published my review of Paul Hoffman's book, King's Gambit. (December 4, 2009.)

My Big Think interview with Dev Patnaik, Jump Associates CEO and author of Wired to Care. (June 24, 2009.)

Lee Bob Black's playful bio. (May 12, 2009.)


Consider submitting to Opium magazine's Network of Writers Experiment. (July 2, 2008.)


I interviewed Tyrone Rock. (November 30, 2007.)

Prodigious? Talented? Moi? (November 23, 2007.)





Peace Rally, NYC. (March 22, 2003.)





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