Lone Case 3: Showdown
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Lone Case 3: Showdown.

The last part of the Lone Case trilogy brings the story, five hundred years after the incidents on Lone Case 2: Scars. Dave Dell was put in cryo – genesis all this time and a young female doctor by the name of Elizabeth Scobie sets him free. But Dave will have to pull himself together, for many secrets are about to be revealed in front of his eyes. And the civilized and futuristic society of Palm Springs will never be the same…

-Two loveable characters
-Quality Music
-CMI like interface
-Akumayos Particle Engine
-Extra Bonus Content(available after completion of game)
-Easter Eggs(Including Ben Jordan, Grim Fandango, King's Quest, Monkey Island)
-Video Cut scenes.

Dualnames - Programmer, Artist
Stevetheblack - Story/Beta Tester
Natasha Miren - Music
FSi - Beta Tester
Jon - Beta Tester
Crazy - Beta Tester


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