Working with Resistance

We understand the nature of resistance & how to work with it effectively.

Do your change efforts run out of steam after some time?  Do you notice employees pushing back, avoiding, superficially complying, or worse maliciously complying? Do you find yourself  strengthening your business case, establishing consequences for not complying and still not getting everyone behind the change? Do you find that when you increase your effort to get everyone behind the change, they may comply, but never really get behind it? Do you find that new priorities easily overshadow the change you tried so hard to implement? We've all heard that over 70% of change efforts fail!  We frequently hear that people don't like change, and yet people change all the time on their own. They change where they live. They change jobs. They learn and apply new skills. They change how they spend their time or money when faced with a new opportunity to do something they have always wanted or when faced with an unexpected event, such as a leaking roof or a sick family member.  So it is not so much that people don't like change, they don't like being changed!

We know how to assess and work with resistance so that you don't just get compliance. We help you better understand the nature of the resistance you are experiencing.  We help you develop strategies and approaches that build readiness, support, capacity and capability for your change. You experience less resistance and fewer blind spots. You are able to develop more options and see more opportunities to achieve your important goals. You are able to implement sustainable and successful change!