We take a collaborative approach to our Coaching & Consulting
Unlike many consultants and coaches that bring their favorite solutions to every situation, we work collaboratively with our clients to assess needs, establish goals, expand choices and develop customized approaches that meet the unique needs of their aspirations, situation and organization. 

We understand the nature of resistance & how to work with it effectively.
We know how to assess and work with resistance so that you don't just get compliance. We help you better understand the nature of the resistance you are experiencing.  We help you develop strategies and approaches that build readiness, support, capacity and capability for your change. You experience less resistance and fewer blind spots. You are able to develop more options and see more opportunities to achieve your important goals. You are able to implement sustainable and successful change!

We bring a unique depth and breadth of education, experience and capabilities that enable us to readily adapt and provide value to your unique situation and needs. 
While John Ledwith brings a rich background of advanced degrees, gestalt training, certifications and over 25 years of experience in coaching and consulting to leaders and organizations, he also has a broad network to assemble the right team of experts  to meet your uinique situation and needs.