What Clients Value

Clients have described John Ledwith as flexible, authentic, curious, interested, insightful, provocative, challenging, and yet gentle. They value his ability to listen, make observations, connect the dots, and ask the questions they’ve never thought of OR have avoided. They appreciate his non-prescriptive approach which is tailored to their unique set of needs. They find him to be a trusted confidant, and entirely focused solely on them, their success and their development.

Clients have described the impact on them as: having greater focus and clarity; being more aware of blind spots; having a greater range of strategic, operational and behavioral options; having greater confidence in trying new approaches; better aligned with their own goals, strategies and values; better able to work with complex and sensitive challenges; being more effective in working with resistance to change; having greater impact and success with their organizations, customers, partners, teams and employees; and, having grown significantly as a leader and a person.