2020 Jan 05  - Prayer request from Andy Pearce
Andy Pearce 84歲的母親剛過世, 求主安慰保守 AndyPearce 和 他的一家。
"My 84-year-old mother, who has been living in the skilled nursing wing of Atherton Baptist Homes in Alhambra after a bad fall last March, was hospitalized on Christmas Eve due to breathing and heart issues. She was released after three days, but continued to have difficulty this past week and passed away on Friday, Jan 3. We are grateful that she was a devoted follower of Jesus and is now in Heaven, but feel the loss profoundly. "

2020 Jan 05  - Prayer request from Gary Chang
學習日文 Language Learning
Transfer son, Caleb to a new Christian private school
insuffiecent  with new changes 

2019 Dec15 - Prayer request from Carolyn 
There are certain events & circumstance prevent Carolyn from returning to UK mission field.  Please pray for her and the situation in UK.  (See details of her  Dec 15's quick update.) 

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