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Most Current PTU Announcements...

So many opportunities to come into school to volunteer are coming up! Want to join us? Be sure you have completed a CORI check with one of the Taunton Public Schools. Completed checks are good for three years in any of our schools. Visit the main office with your photo ID if you need to complete one. And don't forget to ask other family members if they might want to help out as well! We are happy to have any special person in the lives of our students come in to volunteer, not just moms and dads! We are looking for help with:

Pie Order Pick Up Day

Scholastic Book Fair Week

Home Plate Family Dining Event Raffle Table

Holiday Gift Shop

This site will be updated throughout the year with information about upcoming PTU sponsored events, PTU volunteer opportunities, PTU fundraising efforts, and PTU Board meeting minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any board member or join us for one of our monthly meetings.

PTU meetings are open to any individual who is interested in the best interests of Edward F. Leddy Preschool, who is a legal resident of Taunton, and who subscribes to the objectives and basic policies of the Association without regard to race, color, creed age or national origin. We meet at Leddy school once a month. Please mark the dates listed below on your calendar and come join us!

2018-2019 Leddy PTU Meetings: 
September 18th, 6:30PM 
October 9th, 6:30PM
November 7th (Wednesday!), 6:30PM
December 11th, 6:30PM
January 8th, 6:30PM
February 12th, 6:30PM
March 12th, 6:30PM
April 9th, 6:30PM
May 14th, 6:30PM
June 4th, 6:30PM

The PTU wholeheartedly thanks our volunteers, staff, and community members for their support of our organization, school, families, and students.