Health Clinic - Arequipa

The Lions Club of Arequipa, Peru


Offering free and low cost health care to the community has been a priority for The Lions Club of Arequipa (LCA) Since 1994, they have been operating a medical and dental clinic, serving patients of all ages, and have implemented a number of widely recognized health care campaigns.


A New Clinic:

The regional government of Arequipa has granted a new space to the LCA so that it can expand the community it serves.

They now need to buy the necessary equipment so they can start functioning as a clinic and start receiving patients. There are a number of items they need, here are just a few:


  • A Slit Lamp - a microscope with a light attached that allows the doctor to examine your eye under high magnification.
  • An Applanation Tonometer – to measure intraocular tension or pressure, the fluid pressure inside the eye
  • Dental unit


Why I want to help:

Arequipa is my hometown in Peru and I want to help make a difference there. Over the years I have become very familiar with the activities of LCA and I have been very impressed by their dedication to serve their local community. The LCA members dedicate time and money to help others through many activities and have had very tangible results. I also saw some of the patients who had benefited from the cataract operations and I have witnessed the patients at the clinic and heard them express their gratitude for this service.

 Me with Grandma

I also have a more personal motive. My grandfather became a member in the 1950’s, serving as President of LCA in 1965 and since my grandfather passed away in 1989 my grandmother, Hilda de Borja, has dedicated so much of her time to helping others through this institution. She became the first ever female president of a Lions Club in Peru in 2001 and has been recognized with honors by Lions Club International as well as by the community for her work. She is now 82 years old and she still goes to the club every day, she coordinated the cataract campaign and would visit the hospital daily, she organizes an annual fundraiser for the club through a raffle. I am in admiration of her words and actions. She gives radio interviews about her work and is a strong believer that you are never too old to learn and that giving and helping others is the most rewarding work.


What you can do:

If you are inspired, feel free to send in any amount, my goal is to raise $2000 by April 2007 and I am chipping in the first $400, you can go to the "ChipIn" box on the right column to make your online donation. I will collect donations and then arrange for the entire amount to be with The Lions Club of Arequipa by April 2007


You can also help by spreading the word and adding this link to your website. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments on this project or want to tell me about other projects you support do let me know.


When you help you will:

  • Have the guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used to buy equipment for the LCA Clinic
  • Receive updates about the progress of the clinic
  • Have your name on a small plaque in the medical / dental clinic in Arequipa
  • Feel great just because you helped make a difference
  • And if the above is not enough, when you are in Arequipa my grandma will have you over at her house and make you a delicious meal! Please note that people from Arequipa take their food very seriously and it is delicious!

Thanks for your support, Leda


Basic Facts About Peru:

  • Population of Peru is 27.9 million
  • Population of Arequipa is 1.1 million
  • 30% of Peruvians have no acceess to health services
  • Average annual income is US$2,390 

Where is Arequipa?

I've chipped in the first $400, here is how you can chip in:


Tax deductable receipt:

If you live in the U.S. and you need a tax deductible receipt you should make your donation through my friend Mitch's  Soy Andina website. He has very generously adapted his page to receive donations for the medical clinic through his non-profit fiscal sponsor.


Help Ndebofa in Cameroun:

Fabian Ndzana

Check out this film about Peru..:

Soy Andina

Organizations I like::


Ballet Folkloriko de Peru

Children's Theatre Company

South American Explorers


LCA Highlights:
  • In 2005-2006 the LCA Clinic was able to serve 9,701 patients.
  • Patients are also given financially assistance
  • In 2004-06 they collaborated with First Sight and offered free cataract operations to 1,036 patients
  • Since 1994 LCA has also served communites in more remote areas with mobile clinics 

In-kind contributions:

They have received in-kind contributions from abroad before, but it all gets stuck in customs and costs too much to get out...this is the big problem.

Public Policy & Long Term Solutions

I agree that there has to be more done at a policy level and that the health and well being of poor Peruvians should not depend on charity and non-profits. I am researching for other ways to contibute. Feel free to send me any suggestions.


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