2015 Poultry Processing Positions- Apply Now!
Come join our lively crew to process our pastured poultry on the farm two days a month from May-November. It's a great chance to learn the ins and outs of processing poultry or to hone your skills. We offer barter for our high quality farm products and/or an hourly wage in exchange for a committed, hard working crew member with a positive attitude. To learn more about the position or to apply, please contact us via email or phone.

*While we prefer someone with availability for the duration of the season, we will consider applicants with more limited availability, a summer break from college, for example.

2015 Apprenticeship Opportunities- Apply Now!
Join our family farm to learn about: raising pastured poultry, forest and pastured raised pork, and a micro-herd of grass-fed dairy/beef cattle; on-farm poultry processing, creating value-added products, farm carpentry and more! Interns participate in daily morning and afternoon/evening chores as well as regular farm work on a daily basis, 5 days a week.

What to Expect...

*An opportunity to dive into animal husbandry and all that in entails including feeding, watering, and bedding animals, fencing, clearing fence, rotating pasture, calculating feed/paddocks, herding/moving animals, catching chickens, preparing for processing, packaging products, packing orders, milking cows, etc.
* Hard but fulfilling work
* Work in the elements- rain/shine, hot/cold
* Solitary and group work
* Delicious seasonal meals prepared with our pastured meats and dairy, and local, organic produce and fruits!

What’s Expected..

* Positive attitude, “most of the time” (says farmer Rob)
* Hard work ethic
* Open communication
* A strong desire to learn and experience the farm
* Contributions to the farm- in the form of your energy, ideas and work
* Accountability and Commitment- to explain, if we agree that you will work from 6:30am-4:30pm, for example, we expect that you will uphold your commitment and we will hold you accountable to it.

Educational Opportunities
This is the perfect opportunity for someone wishing to learn more about raising and processing pastured poultry, and pasture and forest raised pork, along with grass-fed dairy/beef on a smaller scale. While the majority of the work is focused on the poultry and pork operations, there's a fair amount of time spent taking care of the dairy/beef herd as well. Other opportunities for learning/experience include but are not limited to:

* butter, yoghurt, and ghee making
* canning (salsa, tomato sauce, jams, applesauce)
* farm carpentry projects
* soapmaking (utilizing farm products)
* lactofermentation (making sauerkraut, kimchi, lactofermented sodas)
* Quickbooks/farm accounting
* and more!

Along with room and board, we offer a monthly stipend, based on experience.

We provide on-farm housing in 1) a beautiful, yet rustic cabin situated amidst the pastureland or 2) a primitive campsite, depending on availability.  

We'll provide a monthly credit for use in our "farm store". Our farm products available for purchase with the stipend include pastured poultry, pasture and forest-raised pork, grassfed beef, and grassfed dairy.

One-month to full season opportunities available. To apply, contact ledametegrass@gmail.com with a resume and letter of intent.