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Pastured Poultry

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Pastured Chickens

If given the opportunity, chickens will eat over 35%, while turkeys will eat over 50% of their diet in bugs, herbs and grasses. We allow our birds to scratch, dig and peck their days away. In addition to the forage they find, we provide our birds with grain, grown and milled fresh by a local farmer who utilizes organic methods.

The birds spend the first one to two weeks of their lives in a cozy and clean nursery, then out to pasture they go where they feast on the bugs, herbs and grasses they love in the bright sunshine. The birds find protection from predators and shelter from the elements in their movable pens.

The birds’ access to fresh air, exercise, sunshine, green grass and bugs creates very delicious and nutritious meat.

Pastured Turkeys

For Thanksgiving, we raise Narragansetts and Bourbon Reds, which are North American heritage turkey breeds, as well as the more common Broad Breasted breeds. Both Narragansetts and Bourbon Reds are breeds recovering from near extinction. By maintaining breeding stock and eating these birds, we as farmers, and you as consumers are doing our part to increase the genetic diversity of livestock breeds. A diverse gene pool means an augmented ability to handle illness and other calamities, and in turn a greater food security. Heritage turkeys grow much more slowly and develop a richer, wilder flavor than their conventional counterparts. Both, however, do very well on pasture and are exceptionally delicious.