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Pasture and Forest Raised Pork

Healthy and happy pigs make for nourishing and delectable pork. Pigs allowed to root and forage will happily eat 50% of their diet doing just that. We raise Tamworth Heritage breeds, as they thrive in the forest and field and are known for their excellent flavor. The pigs delight on the roots, grubs, shoots, fungus, nuts and acorns that they find in the spring, summer and fall months. In addition we give them organically grown vegetable seconds from local farms, milk, buttermilk, whey, and grain that is raised and milled locally using organic methods.

We work with a local butcher to make our Specialty Sausages and no-nitrate Bacons and Hams, using
only Celtic Sea Salt, local Maple Syrup, Organic Rapadura Sugar and Organic herbs and spices.  For more information on our products and pricing check out our products page.