Digital Citizenship

Portfolio Assignment from Module VI.


We had three options for completing this portfolio piece. I chose the option of creating a set of resources to share with parents. I did this using Diigo's "list" feature. My list is embedded below, or you can view it on the Diigo site, which is probably easier! 

Also, clearly having too much time on my hands, I decided to play with making an infographic or, in this case, more like a poster to promote the list. (See block below list.)

Promo Poster


I wrote at some length about Digital Citizenship in my Closure Reflection. I won't repeat myself here. Instead I gave some thought to where digital citizenship fits into my imagined School of the Future. The timeline for that school includes the gradual implementation over the next six years of a BYOD policy, project-based learning, the Maker Movement, foreign language instruction, non-gradedness, multi-age grouping, an enriched arts program, and, ultimately, a deliberate and structured program such as Philosophy for Children that would engage kids directly in discussion and examination of ethical and moral issues and dilemmas. Considering this progression made me think of Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs. It struck me that it would be fun to play with creating a parallel "hierarchy of digital citizenship." The drawing below shows how some of the concepts of digital citizenship might relate to Maslow's levels.

Digital Citizenship Hierarchy à la Maslow