D. How to Earn Certification

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Becoming Certified

To earn Leading Edge Certification, you need to successfully complete all coursework and assignments in accordance with the course calendar, as well as pass the LEC Portfolio.  

After successful completion of the course, your LEC Portfolio will be assessed by three educators. These individuals will review your e-portfolio based on the following criteria:
  • Portfolio assignments will be assessed using the appropriate 3 point rubric. To pass, a score of 3 needs to be accomplished for each portfolio assignment.
  • After all modules have been assessed, an overall rubric will be used to assess the portfolio as a whole. Again, a score of 3 is required in each rubric category.
Unsatisfactory portfolios will be given a second chance to improve and will be reassessed.
We hope this process will be encouraging and helpful as you develop a professional portfolio that demonstrates your abilities as a Leading Edge Administrator.