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SIS Research Centre
School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University
80 Stamford, S178902

Welcome to my homepage! 

My name is Duy(pronounced like Dewey). Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. 
My research focuses on software engineering topics, particularly bug localization and specification mining. I am also interested in leveraging data mining and machine learning methods to improve developers' productivity. Before becoming a postdoctoral researcher, I was generously advised by Associate Professor David Lo on the topic "Hybrid based Approaches for Software Bug Localization and Specification Mining". 

This webpage provides information and updates of my recent research achievements.

News & Updates

- Paper accepted in ASE 2015 as full paper, titled "Synergizing Specification Miners through Model Fissions and Fusions" [slides]
- Paper accepted in ICSME 2015 as short paper, titled "Constrained Feature Selection for Localizing Faults"
- I will be visiting Carnegie Mellon University from August 2015 to May 2016, and will be advised by Assistant Professor Claire Le Goues.
- Paper accepted in ESEC/FSE 2015 as full paper, titled "Information Retrieval and Spectrum Based Bug Localization: Better Together"