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Understanding redox reactions is key fundamental to develop novel devices for energy conversion and to exploit the merit in biological energy system. Also redox reactions have been the heart to approach a variety of biosensing and electrocatalytic processes demanded in many applications of significance.

The Chuang Group centers on the development of new strategy to circumvent or interrogate the societal issues coming with high implication, by harnessing electrochemical and biochemical knowledge and techniques. Ongoing interests ranges three general areas: Biosensors, Bioelectrochemistry and Electrocatalysis. Ultimate objectives of our research address on not only accomplishment of effective solutions against challenges but also elucidation of their characteristic mechanisms in chemistry.

Albeit the group comes with short history and inadequate impact, we are struggling vigorously to suit our work at the forefront of international research. The students are incubated with creative and logical ideation, potentially contribute their knowledge and technology to society in the near future. The website enables you to explore some of our interest, research, and publications, as well as to see our lovely students, scientists, and collaborators.

電化學氧化還原反應(Redox Reaction)一直是發展能源轉換元件及生物體能源系統(Bioenergy)的核心機制。我們致力於利用電化學(Electrochemistry)及生物化學(Biochemistry)的基本原理及技術,探討當前影響人類生活的重要議題, 目前主要研究興趣包括生醫感測(Biosensors), 生物電化學(Bioelectrochemistry)及電催化(Electrocatalysis)三大主軸。

我們的研究特別著重於創新機制及有效解決方法的開發, 其中藉重電子學上布林邏輯(Boolean Logic Gate)的概念, 發展多重待測體同時且快速檢測的技術, 並研究發生於界面上反應的機制及動力學。

雖然我們研究室的歷史並不長, 成果亦尚顯卓著, 但我們不斷地持續努力, 以新穎及具邏輯的思維來培育學生及發掘科學神奇之處, 此網頁的內容可提供您/妳初步了解我們的目標及近期成果, 會見我們可愛的學生及助理, 甚至是我們的合作夥伴。

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