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About us : Introduction in English

Le Bâton Mouche
 is the Mölkky association of Paris and was set up beginning of 2007, in order to promote the game in Paris.

Our members meet each other several times a week to play the mölkky within Paris, at different places where fields are available. On this occasion, people that are wandering in the area usually ask questions about this new game, take the flyers provided by the association, and even sometimes start playing on site.
See dates in our AGENDA and pictures in PHOTOS.

The association also organizes various tournaments, like the yearly Paris tournament. We created the first France Championship in 2009 (200 players) and organised the 2010 France Championship too, which gathered 400 players from France, Germany, Belgium and of course Finland!
See Championship web sites (sorry, only in French: 2009 and 2010).

And last but not least, the Bâton Mouche has invested in creating strong partnership with the other French associations that have lately been created. As a result, the organization of the France championship is bound to be taken in charge every year by a different association in the country.

But what does "Le bâton mouche" mean?

This is a french play of word!

BÂTON in french means STICK (like the mölkky we throw).
MOUCHE could be interpreted from "doing Mouche" which means "Reach precisely its purpose, the target".... like the stick which exactly reaches the wanted skittle.

... But this is first of all because it sounds like "BATEAU-MOUCHE" in french. What is "Bateau mouche"? The typical Parisan tour boats on the Seine! This is a symbol of Paris like the Eiffel tower or Champs-Elysées.

Our name "Le Baton Mouche" shows then that we are the Mölkky club of Paris!  

Ticket for the BATEAUX-MOUCHES tour       A Bateau-mouche boat on the Seine          Tourists on a Bateau Mouche under the Eiffel tower

Dear no-french speakers; this is the only page in english, others are in french. But if you want to contact us, have information about us, the mölkky in Paris or Mölkky in France.. please, contact us at contact_AT_lebatonmouche.frwe would be pleased to answer you and mostly meet you!