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Fear of Public Speaking

Mr. Haddad is a successful businessman. He excels in achieving his objectives, and his colleagues are happy to work with him. But Mr. Haddad’s responsibilities require him to speak in public, and he’s very anxious about this. He would like to overcome this fear and use his full potential in his personal and professional life. 

How can hypnosis help you overcome the fear of public speaking?

  • Remove the origins of the fear: under hypnosis, we can find the event that is responsible of this fear and remove it. 
  • Speak with confidence: once fear is removed, we will replace it with confidence and any other emotion you need. Now you can speak in public and enjoy it! 


Lina can’t see a cat. It makes her scream, jump and lose her senses. She can’t control her reaction, and she only calms down when the cat is removed. This phobia is bothering her especially that cats are everywhere in Lebanon.

How can hypnosis free you from phobia?
  • Remove the event responsible of the phobia: under hypnosis, we can find how the phobia was developed and remove it from its origins. 

Allergic reaction happens when your immune systems treats as a threat normally harmless substances such as pollen or cats. Your immune system reacts this way to protect the body from a possible threat. But how can a pollen threaten your body? 

The fact is that during your life, you were in contact of pollen or any other allergen that had a microbe stick to it. Your immune system identified both elements as threats. So whenever the body detects a pollen it treats it as the original microbe.

Hypnosis teaches your immune system that its reaction to the allergen is unnecessary because there is no real threat. This is how hypnosis can free you from allergy.

Pain Relief

For years, Rita has been suffering from a pain that comes and goes.She's been to all kinds of doctors, and went though dozens of lab tests and medical tests, but no biological reason for this pain was to be found…

Mr. Samran is under treatment for cancer, and it’s getting harder for him to handle it all…

Dina is out of surgery. The operation was successful, but the pain is too much for her….

How can hypnosis help in relieving pain?

  • When there is no medical reason for the pain, we can find its origins and remove it: sometimes an accident that happened in the past is responsible of such pains. The event is usually forgotten and when we bring it to the surface, the pain fades away. 
  • When the pain has a medical reason, we can reduce it: under hypnosis, you can ask your mind to reduce the intensity of the pain to a comfortable level. Why not removing it totally? Because pain is a signal from our body that something is happening, and needs our attention. Imagine if you were bleeding and feeling nothing! You could lose all your blood and die without noticing anything! 

Learn to control pain: you will learn to control pain by yourself whenever you feel it. You will learn self-hypnosis!