Leaves of Healing   
The Cartoons

The Life,Ministry, and Message of John Alexander Dowie

Leaves of Healing, John Alexander Dowie's weekly  newspaper and official voice of the Christian Catholic Church, was first published in 1894 and continued well after Dowie's death until the 1930's.  Printed by Dowie's own Zion Printing Works, it enjoyed a circulation of many thousands.  In 1899, elaborate full-page cartoons depicting Zion's righteous judgment on the evils of society began to appeared regularly.  The first one was featured in the July 22, 1899 issue and pictured Zion -  Dowie's ministry - as a strong bull, trampling underfoot its enemies (below).   Soon the personification of Zion changed to a female warrior,  fully clad with the armor of God, wielding a sword labeled The Word of God.  Here is a sampling of the cartoons,  all drawn by Charles Champe.  Due to scanning  limitations, some of the captions and content have been eliminated.  Please click on the cartoons for larger and clearer images.


















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