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The Life,Ministry, and Message of John Alexander Dowie

The following is a small sampling of testimonies and pictures from Dr. Dowie's weekly newsletter, Leaves of Healing. All text is taken from the publication.



Leaves of HealingAugust 31, 1894

It is written, “A little child shall lead them,” (Isaiah 11:6) so we place this little boy in front of our American Witnesses in this new series of the LEAVES of HEALING.

Here he stands with a happy smile on his earnest little face, holding his crutches in his right hand and the steel brace which he wore so long in his left, with the high-heeled boot at his feet.He is now ten years old and was healed instantaneously in March last.He gave his testimony publicly with his mother in the CentralMusic Hall on Lord’s Day, April 15th, before thousands of witnesses and has given it repeatedly in the Tabernacle since.

His leg was completely paralyzed besides being diseased very seriously at the hip joint.He could not walk a single step without his crutches and boot and brace.He had to sleep in that heavy steel brace and wore it with other things of the same kind for no less than six and a half years out of his short life.He was under the treatment of many doctors in the city and was for a long time in bed.

He had heard of many who had been healed through faith in Jesus and so he came to the Tabernacle accompanied by his sister.During last winter he attended many of the meetings and one day God’s Spirit convinced him that he was a sinner needing a Saviour.We can never forget how he came up to the platform on his crutches with those that were seeking Salvation.He could not kneel, and so he laid down his crutches and stretched himself at full length on the platform and looked up into our face saying, “Oh Doctor, pray for me.I am a great sinner.”The tears were running down his face and his heart was full of penitence for his many sins.We led him to Jesus, and God gave him the Witness of his Holy Spirit in his heart that he was forgiven.So he went away that day a very happy little boy.The following week he came back with his mother who told us that her little boy was full of faith and believed God would heal him for Jesus’ sake when I prayed for him.We took them into our room where she removed his brace and boot, and then we prayed for him in Jesus’ name and laid our hands upon the poor withered little leg and gently pulled it down.What was his mother’s joy and his to find that all pain had departed, that his leg was strengthened, and that he could easily stand upon it and walk up and down the floor without either crutch or brace or boot.

After we had tested him thoroughly and had praised God, he went away leaving his brace and crutches in the room and the next day came back with a new pair of boots on his feet walking exactly even, just as he is seen standing in this picture.He is now a bright, happy boy, running about, leaping and jumping, and is present in the class for physical culture in the public school which he attends.The principal of that school, and the teacher of his class, with hundreds of his fellow scholars and neighbors have testified to his healing.There is no happier widowed mother in this city, nor any brighter, sweeter little Christian boy, so far as we know, than little Willie Esser.


Leaves of HealingAugust 31, 1894

The remarkable picture is an exact engraving of a photograph of the center of the back of our platform in Zion Tabernacle.Many friends who knew that we had a collection of trophies captured from the enemy, suggested that we should have them photographed, and we at once decided that the best position in which to place them, if this were to be done, would be under the motto which for years has been inscribed above our heads in letters of gold, “CHRIST IS ALL.”

Here are to be seen crutches of little children and very tall men and women, the trusses worn, some of them, for forty years by sorely afflicted people advanced in life, and the little brace worn by a boy of four years old; the plaster of Paris casts, the cruel braces with their steel collars and steel head-pieces, the heavy leg braces and the high-heeled boots, some of them with steel spring soles, etc.Here are also to be seen a few of the cots on which the sick and dying were brought to the Tabernacle, which they left behind when they were healed immediately and walked out.On the right of the picture, nearest the wall, is the little canvas cot upon which Miss Amanda M. Hicks, a cousin of the late President Lincoln, was brought from her home at Clinton College, Kentucky, of which she was principal, a distance of about four hundred miles.Her case was considered absolutely hopeless except for a perilous operation.She was carried into our Home on the cot mentioned, and the same night arose and walked.She returned to her college, finished the year, and is now on her way to Europe, a happy, healthy woman.On the extreme left is the cot on which Mrs. Lane, of WashingtonHeights, who had been afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism for six years, was carried to the Tabernacle, which she left behind when she walked out.

The most interesting, perhaps, of all the exhibits is the peculiar one of a bright steel revolver with silver plated mountings, just under the crutches on the right of the picture.This revolver was given to us by a man converted in our meeting some years ago, who is now a most respectable citizen.He had been a safe-blower and burglar for thirty-five years and the revolver had been the property of his uncle who fell dead with it in his hand when engaged in a battle with the police in Kentucky.The strange looking instrument below is a burglar’s jimmy of the finest steel, and the implements below that are a portion of a safe-blower’s outfit.The story of this man is one of the most wonderful in all our experience, and we shall give it in due course, in detail, in the LEAVES.He and his family, and men at one time desperate criminals, have been converted and baptized since we came to Chicago.

It would take a large volume to write the story of all these things.They represent centuries of suffering in the aggregate, and are but a few ocular demonstrations of thousands who have been healed.

May God bless the little picture as we give the glory to Him whose name is over all.By him alone these deeds of mercy and of love have been wrought.Amen.



Leaves of HealingMay 3, 1895

One of the most wonderful works of God, in our Mission in Chicago, is the healing of this Witness.She was lying at the point of death, suffering from an enormous fibroid tumor.Mortification had set in, and the doctors gave up all hope.We were fifteen miles distant, at Western Springs, when a request for prayer was handed to us from her dying bed in this city.

We were about to deliver the closing address at a Christian Convention, and had given notice that weintended to say some strong plain words concerning the false teachings of so-called Christian Science, the Christian Alliance, etc.When the request was handed to us, we satisfied ourselves by enquiry that the dying woman was a true Christian.Accepting the challenge to our faith and integrity, we said we would pray and expect an instantaneous healing from God, and would claim that answer as an approval of our attack upon the false teachings referred to.Many hundreds were present and incident is well remembered.

At the time of our prayer, Mrs. Paddock fell asleep, and, about the time the meeting closed she awoke, feeling within herself that she was perfectly healed.And so it proved.She rose the following day from her bed and the tumour entirely disappeared within a week.Her strength came back at once and she packed up, helped to move to and clean another house, and sewed and laid a new carpet for her bedroom – all within a week of her rescue from disease and death in answer to the prayer of faith.

This took place nearly five years ago, on Thursday August 7th 1890.

We give extracts from her public testimonies during these years, from the meeting held in the First M. E. Church, Chicago, on October 27th 1890, to the meeting held in Zion Tabernacle last Lord’s Day, April 28th, 1895.

These prove that the healing was instantaneous, perfect, and permanent.

We have a right, and it is our duty also to say, that this healing was, and is, God’s approval to our denunciations of the deadly delusions of so-called Christian Science, and the almost still more dangerous teachings of the Christian Alliance concerning Divine Healing.Our opinion of both is unchanged, except that it is intensified.It is wicked to say Disease has no existence except in imagination as the former does; and it is still more wicked to say that Disease must be declared healed by faith, when it is still active, as the latter does.It is a lie to say there is no disease, and a lie to say it is destroyed when it is not.Both these lies have wrought unspeakable misery, and have retarded in America, the doctrine and ministry of Divine Healing through faith in Jesus.Nearly seven years of experience in this country from Ocean to Ocean qualifies us to speak with some authority on these matters.Let those who foolishly object to our doing so first demonstrate their right to criticize by showing an equal record to which God enables us to present of thousands and tens of thousands of healing through faith in Jesus.


Dr. Dowie:How large was the tumor, Mrs. Paddock?

Mrs. Paddock:It was very large, I should say as large as that (indicating a protuberance of about 12 inches).

Dr. D: You were discolored I understand, upon the right side?

A: Yes, sir.

Dr. D:I wish those present to remember that it was 8 o’clock that I presented the petition at Western Springs, fifteen miles distant, and that I had never seen the lady.She fell asleep at that moment and when she awoke she was perfectly well in feeling.

You awoke the next morning and had breakfast?

A: Yes, sir.

Dr. D:How long was it before you were perfectly and entirely restored in strength?

A:right away.

Dr. D:how long was it before the tumor entirely disappeared?

A:About a week.

Dr. D:What did you do about that time?

A:I packed up and moved, and helped clean house and went right on with my work just as well as I ever did.

Dr. D:Have you ever seen or felt any of that tumor since?

A: No, sir.I want to give all the praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Leaves of HealingAugust 21, 1896

“The prayer of faith shall save the sick.”

We have never seen the sister whose picture is given on this page, and yet we have had the joy of being instrumental in her healing through faith in Jesus.

The story of her deliverance from ten years of cruel bondage by disease is well told in her letter of august 15th, which follows:

No. 218 West 15th St.

Newport, KentuckyAug. 15, 1896

Rev. John Alex Dowie:

Dear sir: I wish to give you a statement of my restoration from an almost helpless cripple to health through the Prayer of Faith, which you offered for me in Chicago.

I had been a great sufferer from rheumatism for ten years without seeing a day free from pain until the day of my healing by God.

I had tried almost every known remedy to obtain relief, but they all failed.

My condition kept gradually growing worse until finally I became almost helpless, or, in other words, I would shortly have become a complete paralytic.

I was constantly suffering such untold misery and pain that, as a last resort, I concluded to enter a hospital to see it if were possible that I could secure at least temporary relief, as I had given up all hope of ever being permanently cured.

It was at this time that a very devoted Christian lady (Mrs. E.H. Pendleton, of Cincinnati, Ohio,) became interested in my case, and, being a firm believer herself, and also being in possession of the knowledge of the facts of the many remarkable and wonderful cures having been accomplished through your Mission in Chicago, she broached the subject to me.

I became at once convinced that I could and would be cured through Divine Help.

On the 23rd of April my husband wrote to you, giving a brief statement of my condition, asking prayer in my behalf.

We received your telegram informing us that you would pray for my healing at 9:15 the following Sunday morning.

At the appointed time myself and family knelt in prayer and mingled our prayers with yours.

That the prayer was heard and answered was manifest from the fact that I immediately arose and walked, standing erect, and could use my arms and limbs in a manner such as I had been unable to do for years.

From that moment to this present writing I have never suffered one rheumatic pain, being able to care for my three small children and attend to my household duties with ease and comfort.

Most of my joints were completely locked, but they are now loosened, and the stiffness naturally resulting from such long confinement and suffering is daily disappearing.

I send you this letter hoping that others may become interested, and avail themselves of the glorious promise of our Lord Jesus Christ that if you will ask, believing, it will be given you. I remain

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Jennie Brown

P.S. enclosed you will find a picture of myself for you to use as you may desire.



Leaves of Healing October 9, 1896

Eight years’ nervous prostration, concerning the cause of which “doctors differed,” passed away in a moment by the Healing of this Witness through Faith in Jesus in Divine Healing Home No. 3.Nearly two years of perfect health have followed.The Story of these years of suffering, and of her healing and present condition, are sufficiently told in the letter which follows.

We humbly pray that it may be used to tens of thousands of women who are utterly prostrated, and, like this woman, are being constantly tortured by physicians and surgeons in vain attempts to find the cause, in all parts of this and other lands.

Why should not these sufferers also receive deliverance?“God is no respect of persons.”

May the Name of Jesus be exalted by the simple words of this happy and healthy wife and mother, who has so completely left her sickness behind that she, like nearly all the world, is off on wheels, “enjoying her bicycle very much this summer.”

Let our little White Dove carry this Message of Hope and Love where no bicycle can ever reach; and, as weary and sick mothers read it, let them look to Woman’s Great Friend and Healer who is “ just the same today” as when He “touched the hand of Peter’s wife’s mother” long ago.May many, like her and this woman, “rise and minister unto Him.”

Sept 14, 1896

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Dowie,

I desire to write my testimony for the Leaves of Healing, praying that it may bring some other poor sufferer to the Great Physician, our Lord Jesus Christ, who has healed me of my many years of sickness.

I was afflicted for about eight years with Nervous Prostration, as I suppose.The doctors all differed with each other as to my trouble, and this was the cause of much suffering to me and my friends.

The first doctor said that the artery was next to the surface.

The next doctor said that my heart was too small to do the work required of it.

Another doctor said that the valve opening into the artery was too weak.

Another doctor said that it was Debility.

Another doctor said it was stomach trouble.

The last doctors said that I had female trouble in a very bad form, and that the only remedy was to have an operation performed.

I submitted to that operation as a last resort, under Drs. G. G. and J. G. Beakley of Waterloo, Iowa.

I received no permanent benefit from the operation, but steadily grew worse for about nine months, and at last I became so prostrated that at times it was almost impossible for me to walk across a room alone.

Just as we had about given up all hopes we received through a Christian lady the Leaves of Healing.After reading it thoroughly and comparing it with God’s Word, we at once saw wherein we had failed, and resolved to go to God at once, claiming His promise.

The same evening my husband, who is railroad agent, wrote for transportation for myself and nurse to Chicago.

We entered Divine Healing Home No. 3 on Dec. 18th, 1894, and the third time Dr. Dowie prayed with me I felt all through me that the Lord had healed me.

This summer I have enjoyed riding my bicycle very much, and I am in vigorous health.

The Lord has also been the Healer of my entire family.The children have had little trouble, but we took it to the Lord, and they were healed.

I want to say that I have never taken or applied a drop of medicine since I was healed.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!

Yours in Christ,

Mrs. H. G. Jones

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