About Us

The Lea Valley Federation is a coalition of community and environmental groups and individuals concerned to protect the character of the Lee Valley Regional Park. We consider that the Lea Valley is under unprecedented pressure for development, for uses that would be incompatible with its unique status as a Regional Park.

Our area of initial interest in the Park is from the River Thames at Bow Creek and East India Dock Basin in the South, to the A406 North Circular Road at South Chingford and North Edmonton in the North.

 A summary of our Objectives

To preserve the Lee Valley Regional Park as a green lung for London.

To promote better understanding and protection of its wildlife habitats, biodiversity and natural environment.

To secure genuine participation of Park users in the decisions about the future of this part of the Park.

Brief History

The Lea Valley Federation was formed in October 2009. We have adopted this name with the kind permission of the original Lea Valley Federation (later Southern Lea Valley Federation) that was actively campaigning from the 1980s. We also have roots in the Hackney Lee Valley Forum, active in the 1980s.

 We believe that the Regional Park is under unprecedented threat from housing and other developments which are threatening to destroy the special character of the Park. We are calling for the Park Authority, and local planning authorities and other public authorities concerned in the future of the Lea Valley, to give proper recognition to the natural environment.

 A short paper by Laurie Elks: "Reclaiming the Lee Valley Park" (29th August 2009) sets out his view of the situation at that time. Reclaiming the Lee Valley Park

Our detailed objectives

To preserve the Lea Valley Park as a green lung for London; to protect its open spaces from inappropriate development; and to promote a proper understanding of the ecology of the Park and of the environmental impact of proposed developments.

To promote better understanding and protection of wildlife habitats, biodiversity and the natural environment in the planning of the future of the Park.

To secure genuine participation of users in the decisions about the future of this part of the Park made by the Park Authority, by local planning authorities, and by other public bodies.

Our specific concerns

We are concerned that the Mayor of London’s demands upon the riparian boroughs to meet ambitious housing targets is putting undue pressure on local authority planners to appropriate the open spaces of the Lea Valley for housing. 

We are particularly concerned that the Lea Bridge area will become a target for high density housing developments – as at Tottenham Hale.  Despite the communities' objections high density, high-rise dwellings on the Essex Wharf site are under construction, and a high likelihood that more housing will be sought at the Thames Water site when that becomes operationally redundant.

We are concerned about the activities of the many democratically unaccountable bodies concerned in the future development of the Valley, such as the London Development Authority and the North London Strategic Alliance, and believe that they are likely to promote economic development at the expense of the special character of the Park.

We believe that more can and should be done to protect the special character of the Park; to protect its ecology and habitat; to plant trees and improve the landscape; and to create footpaths and cycle tracks for people to wander in the Lea Valley.

We believe that a new public campaign is needed to ensure that the Park Authority and other public bodies give due priority to these objectives.