Best leather care products?

Leather Conditioner

So I'm looking some leather cleaner. 
There is 3 pages full of products and I cant decide which kind I need. 
They have everything to wipes to foam to bars to oil.
what is the all time best leather care product that I can get?
and which works better? oil? foam? or wipes?

Best Answer

I use glycerin soap on a daily basis. All you need is a slightly damp sponge and a little bit of soap and it takes the dirt right off. It's very inexpensive too. For conditioner, I use Lexol. It works wonders for helping to restore leather to a soft and supple state. I use it once every few months or so to help prevent cracking in the leather and to prevent it from getting too dried out. It's also great to use when you are trying to break in new leather. You don't want to use conditioners very day. Oiling and conditioning too often will clog the pores of the leather and will make it have this ugly filmy coating over it and will dull the leather. The same thing can happen if you don't clean the soap off the saddle very thoroughly when you clean it. If there is build up on the surface of it, I clean it with a little bit of water and a sponge. If you are talking about cleaning leather tall boots, all you should almost ever use is just a slightly damp sponge to clean them. Frequent use of soap and conditioners will clog the pores and after some time they will no longer shine up when you need them too. Once in a while I will condition mine, just to preserve the leather and prevent cracking.

 As for other types of products, I have used straight oils and I don't like them as much as Lexol. I have never used wipes, but I would think they would be more expensive long term than just an old rag, bucket, sponge, and a bar of soap would be.