Endangered Species

In Danger of Extinction: The Leatherback Sea Turtle population became extinct for many reasons, most involving humans. A large part of the reason is over-harvesting for food and turtle products. They are also limited because of oil spills, beach traffic, poachers, and other problems similar to that. The Leatherback Sea Turtle was listed as an endangered species on June 2, 1970. It was once one of the largest populations in the world and they have been around since prehistoric times. Because of exploitation to humans, the female Leatherback Sea Turtle population is currently estimated to only be around 115,000 individuals.  Sadly, people still illegally hunt for Leatherbacks for commercial fishing and their meat. They are also affected by marine debris floating in the ocean. Items such as plastic bags can be mistaken for jellyfish so they try to eat them and get sick or die. When we keep polluting the beaches and oceans then it eventually effects these animals which are important to our oceans ecosystem. Another reason that made this once great population so endangered is the fact that they can become entangled in long fishing lines and other ropes/lines. It is very unfortunate that all these Leatherbacks have become endangered but hopefully it can bounce back when humans attempt to solve it. Overall, the Leatherback Sea Turtle population was once great but it is now falling apart and failing to maintain itself and we need to help them. If we dont, this great species will become extinct!  

This is a map where the orange represents the area of Leatherback population

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