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Residential Lease Agreement Ireland

Private Rental Sample Lease

When you enter into a tenancy agreement, you are making a legally binding commitment.

It important to read any document carefully before you sign it and consider the nature of the

commitments you are making. If you are unsure, seek further advice.

Agreement dated the ___ day of ____________ 20___ whereby it is agreed as follows:

This is a tenancy agreement between

The Tenant(s)

1. _____________________________________

2. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

4. _____________________________________

5. ____________________________________

6. _____________________________________

The Landlord

Landlord’s Name: _____________________________________________________

Landlord’s Agent (if any): ______________________________________________

Landlord’s/Agent’s address: ____________________________________________


Landlord’s/Agent’s phone number: _______________________________________

Address of Premises Let: _______________________________________________


Date of commencement of Tenancy/Move in date: ___/___/20___


Terms of Tenancy

Please specify one of the following options:

(a) Weekly


(b) Monthly

(c) fixed term (i.e. 6 months/1 year, etc.)

If (c) please state dates: From ___/___/20___ to ___/___/20___

Rent and Deposit Details

Rent: ____________________________________________

Rent Payment Day/Date: ____________________________

Payment by: (please circle)


Landlord’s bank and account number (if relevant): ______________________________


Rent paid in advance: €___________

Deposit paid: €_________________

Note: The deposit is returnable at the end of the tenancy. The landlord will be entitled to

make reasonable deductions for: damage over and above normal wear and tear, inadequate

notice, outstanding bills and arrears of rent.

Meter readings at time of letting:

E.S.B.: _________________ Gas: _________________ Other: _________________

Terms of Tenancy

The LANDLORD will let and the TENANT will take the premises described in page one

together with the furniture, fittings, and appliances set out in page 5 for the term and rental

price agreed and on the following terms:


Standing Order

Other (specify)



The TENANT agrees to pay the LANDLORD a deposit and rent in advance as set out in page
two 2.


The TENANT agrees to pay the Rent at the time and in the manner set out in page two 2.

Use Of Premises

The LANDLORD will make sure that:

On the day on which it is agreed that the tenant will move in, the premises are vacant

The Tenant has quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the premises

The Landlord can here after, only enter the premises with the permission of the tenant

The TENANT will not:

Use the premises or allow them to be used for any illegal purpose

Do anything on the premises or permit anyone else entering the premises with the tenant’s

permission (i.e. a visitor/guest) to do anything on the premises, which causes a nuisance

(i.e. persistent and excessive noise which disturbs neighbours)

Assign, part with, or sub-let, the premises without first obtaining the Landlord’s written


Repairs and Cleanliness


Make sure that the premises are in a reasonably clean and habitable condition at the

beginning of the tenancy agreement

Maintain the premises in good repair


Will keep the premises in a reasonably clean and tidy condition

Will not allow litter to accumulate in the common areas of the premises

Will take care to avoid damage to the premises and any fixtures and fittings


Will give notice to the Landlord of any damage to the premises as soon as the tenant

becomes aware of the damage

Upon receipt of reasonable notice, (usually 48 hours) will allow the landlord or his agent

to enter the premises to inspect the state of repair of the premises or to carry out repairs.

Signature of Landlord: _________________________________________

Name of Witness: _____________________________________________

Signature of Witness: __________________________________________

Address of Witness: ___________________________________________



Signature of Tenant(s):

1. _______________________________________

2. _______________________________________

3. _______________________________________

4. _______________________________________

5. _______________________________________

6. _______________________________________

Name of Witness: ______________________________________________

Signature of Witness: ___________________________________________

Address of Witness: ____________________________________________




Sitting room

Dining Room


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 4

Bedroom 5

Bedroom 6