Silver Sagas
(light fantasy suitable for all ages)

Come visit Fairydom for an unusual flight of fantasy, filled with ordinary folks--with wings! ;-) Life's not so different here.  There are choices to make, responsibilities to fulfill, and families to support you.

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Silver Sagas 
a slice of life (with wings)
I apologize for any rocky bits, but I hope there is enough gold in the grit to be worth your while!  

Can fairy Princess Rebecca keep her head--and her heart--while doing her part to protect her father's throne? 

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        Silver Majesty
             (Book 2)  

Events in Princess Rebecca's life take a startling turn when she learns that she will be the next Queen of the Silver Fairy Tribe. But who will be the next King? And how will the suspected pirate build-up affect Fairydom?


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     (Book 3)
Rebecca faces new challenges (from pirates to wedding arrangements and meeting the "in-laws") with her fiancé and her family's help. 


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(Book 4)

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Prince Cambrian is on a boringly routine assignment at Fort Bakarti when a much more interesting mystery finds him.  A Sky Fairy Fleet windship–lost and presumed crashed during the pirate offensive–is discovered intact

on the beach near the remote Port Herio. 


How did the Talon get there?  Where has she been for the last two months?  Where is her crew now?  To answer these and other questions, Cambrian sets off with the lovely Captain Kimberlite to investigate a small nearby volcanic island, which is the only thing the meager clues have in common.


Sabotage, betrayal, and escape all play a part in the unraveling of the mystery.  But when they finally begin their return voyage, they find themselves bringing home more questions than answers.  Not the least of which is how will the rest of the Sky Fairy Tribe react to what they have discovered?


(Book 5)

Cambrian Bijou has skillfully played a fashion-conscious prince at his father's court for over 300 years. However, the game changes when windship Captain Kimberlite--Constance, to her friends--agrees to assist with his latest investigation. 
Can their carefully cultivated romance survive the combined stresses of court life, a military inquiry, and helpful relations? Friends, foes, and family all weave their way into the tapestry of Dress Blues, but it's help from an unexpected source that may save the season.


The Seeker's Storm
(Book 6)
Truth Seeker Kuntza faces challenges above and below the sea’s surface, fighting deadly misinformation as well as a bizarre and complicated plot to wipe out most of the Sky Fairy Tribe. Under his instruction, lightning machines are constructed to overcome a terrible snowstorm. But what of the grave threat from the Water Fairy Tribe—Kuntza’s tribe—to the surface tribes? 
Admiral Constance Kimberlite and Prince Cambrian Bijou and the young Historian Rolf Warner accompany the Seeker beneath the waves to assist him in his efforts to overcome his tribe’s fears of an impending invasion. Meanwhile Amber Bullierd, daughter and heir of the rebellious Count Bullierd, threatens to block their success through intrigue and a terrifying coup attempt. With the fate of Fairydom hanging in the balance, there is no room for error.


Genre: Light fantasy with sweet romance.
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