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John Eick will offer his 20 years of expertise in developing School Culture during his kickoff keynote at the William Jessup Education Conference this fall. His message will speak to the power of building not only positive relationships in the classroom but to crafting a culture of connected adults and functional school teams. As California focuses on the release of newly published guidelines for Social Emotional Learning, the topic of a positive school culture has never been more important. John will introduce his "Rubber Band Theory," focusing on manifesting a growth mindset, one stretch at a time, and the necessary ingredients to building a culture that inspires students and staff alike to invest in continual improvement and personal growth.

Session 1:

Helping Every Student Find a Voice

This session uses classroom structures coupled with dynamic technology to ensure every student has an equal voice in your classroom conversation.

Session 2:

Google Slides & Google Drawing: Two Great Tools that go Great Together

In this session, participants will learn to utilize Google Slides and Drawings to engage students in high level writing, research techniques and critical thinking as they design personalized infographics. This session is appropriate for students as young as kinder as it is engaging for students seeking their Doctorate.

Lead 3.0 2018

Charter Schools Development Center

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

945 AM Session
Whether you are a TOSA, Admin or a Team-Lead: automate your observational workflow with some Google-tastic tips and tricks you can put to work before leaving the session!

Admin Googlers share everything from replacing the weekly newsletter with posts to a site, building a cloud-based ecosystem for collaboration notes, and ensuring that your staff never miss a memo!