Already Rock’n Google Forms? Now Master the Form Response Sheet!
Saturday October 24, 2015 12:45pm - 1:45pm - A205 (Administration Building A)

Add-ons and sheet formulas take the Form Response Sheet to the next level! Automated email responses, mail merges & auto-populating data tables that sort responses, count unique responses, and more...Click Here to view on Sched

Click Here to rock a demo form
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1) Navigating the Response Sheet 
Click Here and make a copy of our sheet, then click below for some slick tips and tricks. 

  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Wrap Text
  • Hide Columns, Hide Tabs
  • Color Code Rows & Columns
  • Rearrange Columns
  • Merge Data: =A1&": "&A2
  • Manually Drop Down a Formula

2) Building a Data Table

Once your form is collecting data, view ask the sheet to auto-tabulate how many times certain answers appear in the sheet.  

Create data tables that auto-populate using formulas such as =COUNTIF 

=COUNTIF(Select a column to search, what am I searching for)
  • Once you start the formula, and open the parenthesis, you can then just click on the column and/or cell to fill in the formula.

YouTube Video

3) Auto-Generating Emails with Form Mule


  • Auto-generate feedback - FormMule Add-on

4) Merge Data Copy it Down Automatically
Click Here to read about the Copy-Down Add-on.   



Sometimes you need a formula to copy down every time a participant submits a form. The Copy-Down Add-on is easy to use and very helpful.
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