Using Google Automation Tools to Improve Administrative Workflow
Friday April 17, 2015 1:45pm - 2:45pm 

In this session, administrators will learn to collect and analyze instructional walk through data with customizable Google Forms. All participants will walk away from the session with the tools to build their own form, create automatic data populating tables, and create automatic mail-merged feedback to staff from walkthroughs.

I. Welcome
II. Let's Rap Automation and Workflow
     A. Click Here to see automation in action

III. Setting Up a Walkthrough Form
    A. Click here to view a Demo Walk Through Form
    B. Click here for a Demo Response Sheet (Make a Copy)

IV. Creating a Data Screen that Automatically populates.
    A. Create a new tab
    B. Create formulas that analyze and summarize the data from the response sheet.

V. Creating Automated Feedback
    A. Discuss what feedback you would like to give.
    B. Create a template email through Form Mule.