In this session, participants will learn ways to use Google Slides and Google Drawings to engage students in research, critical thinking and creativity. Participants will learn to leverage info-graphics to help students of all ages research new information.
Slides as Notes 
Click Here to make a Copy of our Project Notes

Every project is going to include some research. Without structured expectations, our research notes may vary from a complete page of plagiarized wiki-notes to hand scrawled illegible disconnected
thoughts. Consider using slides as notes:

1. Each slide can be pre-built to collect the information desired
2. Later in the project, the notes become the presentation, so there is no loss of time. 

Goto for pre-built slide templates.

A Digital Pop-Up Debate
1) Each student uses the research slides above to research a Pro v. Con Issue.
2) Create Teams of 3: 2 opponents + 1 Moderator (Use Flip-pity)
    A) Click here to see Flippity
    B) Click here to try Flippity
3) Opponents send 3 slides to moderator
4) Moderator creates 1 slide deck.
5) Begin the debate

Include Student Voice on Google Slides
When a student narrates their slide into vocaroo, their voice lives in the cloud. If a slide has the vocaroo QR code on it, anyone can scan the code and listen to the student narrate their slide.

1) Open
2) Record a narrative that describes a process on the slide
3) After recording, click Save, then Get QR Code
4) Right Click on the QR Code and Copy Image (or take a screenshot)
5) Paste the QR Code on the slide

Click Here for a video Tutorial of Voacroo

Research by the Numbers
Click Here to make a Copy of our Google Drawing InfoGraphic
Click Here for an example of Research by the Numbers

At an some point during the duration of a project, all learners need an opportunity to step back and reflect on what they have learned along the way. Sometimes a moment of reflection leads to a breakthrough that propels a learner to the finish line on a project! This info-graphic was produced by Ryan O'Donnel (@Creativeedtech on Twitter) and can be used in many ways:

- Use this as a summary of research found about a project
- Use this as a summary of work engaged in by the group 
- Use this as an important dates template for a historical project

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Click Here for Ryan ODonnel’s Blog