April 2012: Don't Play at the Craft! Live it!


Hello and welcome to Learn the Craft of the Wise! Join others in the magickal community as you learn the ins and outs of the craft, gain friendship and fellowship, assistance with finding your path, and join in on classes, ritual, and learning experiences!  There is much to be gained from a group such as this - acceptance - trust - loyalty - love - enlightenment - spiritual advancement, and this group will give you all of those things! In today's world, we all need a supportive network of like-minded people to walk through life with. We need guides and teachers. I am an educator of the magickal community and I am dedicated to making this happen for you.  Message me anytime with your contact information and I will gladly call you and discuss the purpose of this group more, give you information, and answer any questions you may have.  You may also call me at 503.956.4801 to set up a one on one meeting with me to learn more.


Learn the Craft of the Wise exists to educate and honor the Pagan paths. This group is an open circle for all traditions within the Pagan umbrella. In this circle we honor knowledge, power, persistence, commitment, Spirit, the elements, and the universe. We celebrate the cycles of the moon, the change of the seasons, and the Spirit in all its forms.  The main purpose of this group is to educate those in search of their path, to support those who are walking their path, and to provide a common ground for all. This means that there are stages of learning and development within this group. Together, we will provide a family atmosphere for all, inner circles of learning for those in each tradition within our group, and we will always respect each other for the paths we have chosen. This group will be a safe place for all involved. 

We will strive always towards understanding and acceptance of the Pagan Community by dispelling negative beliefs and misconceptions still held by the general public. We will work to preserve mother earth. We will accept these things which are our responsibility with honor and reverence and we will be a guiding force in helping those in need within our pagan community.


All members of Learn the Craft of the Wise are expected to:
*Honor and be a positive reflection of your tradition.
*Share your knowledge and tradition with the group.
*Participate in discussions on the message boards and at meetings.
*Attend the majority of meetings, study groups, and celebrations.
*Encourage other group members, provide support, and help each other.
*Work to heal others, protect the family we are creating, and honor the temple of the universe.


This group is open to all persons who wish to honor the Pagan paths. All minors involved in our group shall be accompanied at all times by a parent, age 18 or over.


Teens are allowed at most celebrations and classes if accompanied by a parent or guardian, age 18 or over. All children younger than 12 will have to be approved for a class or ceremony in advance, UNLESS, it is a Sabbat ceremony. During all Sabbats, children of any age are welcome to attend.


Our vision for the group is to create an atmosphere of learning, excitement, spiritual growth, connection with nature, and connection with ourselves and each other. We see this group evolving to form a wide-spread network of individuals who will do great things together and will manifest outer and inner circles of varied traditions and paths in order to bring forth a new path of tremendous importance around the world, The Golden Path of Illumination.  Time is an illusion.  Our world is accelerating.  Now is the time to evolve.

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