Visit France! (©2010 S. Calhoun)

  Have you ever wanted to visit another country? Well, let's make it
 We're going to France!


Students will choose a Province or Region in France (Ile-de-France, Champagne, Bretagne, etc) and pretend that they have been there. They will write either a 2-page newspaper article or travel log or a 3-page brochure that seems as though it could have come out of a booklet about France. These will be written in French on the province/region (buildings they saw, places they visited, climate, etc) and its customs. Examples of these are given in the Student Notes section.

 These are the provinces of France, all of which can be chosen.
These are the regions of France that are available.


Students will use several websites to research their region/province. The research should be done on places to visit in the province, different customs, the weather, any sort of annual parades or things like that, and different things one would see in that particular province.  After they gather enough research, they will choose to write in either the format of a newspaper article, a brochure, or a travel log. The projects should end up to be about 2 pages long.



Students will be graded on their use of vocabulary and grammar, organization of the piece of writing, and on their effort, among other things in the rubric. The rubric I will be using to grade this assignment can be found here.


Now that you have done some research on different parts of France, think about the differences between living there and living in the US. Do you think you would like living in France better than living here? For example, do you like rain or sunshine? Really diverse temperatures or a milder climate? Of course, both the US and France have all of these types of weather, but France has pretty common weather patterns throughout the country. Continue to think about the differences and similarities between France and the US throughout your study of France, its language, and its culture.


Student Notes

You have 3 different options in writing styles for your paper, so if you need helping choosing which style to use, don't hesitate to talk to me or another classmate about it. The different options are for you to be able to find the way that is easiest for you to complete the assignment. I would prefer if there are at least 5 different provinces or regions discussed, so not everyone can choose Ile-de-France. You can get your region/province approved by me either in person or via e-mail. If you have any questions at all about the project, talk to me in class or e-mail me and I will answer you as soon as I can. This project is meant to be fun and informative, not stressful, so don't worry about perfection! The content is more important than anything else. Some websites that should help you to find information can be found here, here, or here. Also, an example of what I am looking for in the travel log can be found here. The author talks about quite a few tourist attractions and a little bit about the weather. I would like you to write about French customs, a little more about the weather, and maybe add a few more tourist attractions, like parades or festivals. This website leads you to an example of what I would like to see for the brochure option. Notice that there is a lot of information and only a few pictures. I would however, like to see you use smaller pictures and profile more about the actual region. While I could not find an example of the newspaper article I am looking for, it should be a simple unbiased article about a certain area in France and what it offers in terms of tourism, culture and climate; this is not about "your experience" in France like the travel log would be. It is simply a narrative about France in newspaper format. If there are any questions at all, please ask me in class or by e-mail. 


Teacher Notes

 Your students' grammar will not be perfect; they have, after all, only been studying the language for a couple of years. Don't grade them too hard on that; the object of this assignment is for the students to explore the different areas of France and discover things they didn't already know. If you would like, you can also add a presentation aspect to this project and, at the end, have the students present the provinces to the class. If your students present their projects, the presentation would fulfill the 28.D.2b and 28.B.3b state learning requirements. If there is no presentation, the project still satisfies 28.D.2a; 29.A.3 and 29.B.1a, as long as culture is discussed; and 30.A.1c, if climate is discussed.
A good example of a blog can be found on that page; it is also listed in the student notes section.
The brochure should look something like this. The students have the link in their section so they know what they should be striving for.