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A wiki is a website that allows easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages.  As an educator looking forward to teaching with technology, having your own wiki site can serve as a wonderful classroom management tool as well as powerful method of conveying your mathematics lessons in a variety of creative ways.

What Wiki is for you?

There are many types of wikis now available, and choosing the one that best fits your needs may be the most difficult thing about the wonderful wiki webpage you will soon have! The following link provides you with a comparison between any of the types of wikis you are interested in.

If you still can't decide, take our advice! Wikispaces is a free option that can benefit educators and students alike. Visit the below link and get started by entering your email and choosing a username & password.

What can you do with Wiki?

There are many uses of a wikispace. Your webpage can provide your students with much information from your course syllabus to daily calendar. You can even keep your gradebook available online by linking Excel documents to your site! These classroom management tools can be helpful in keeping you and your students organized. In addition, your wiki can help you be creative in your lesson planning. Wiki makes it easy to embed videos and other multimedia connections. Take a look at these wikispaces to see how wikis are used in some math classrooms.

How do I do this?!?

If you need help learning how to do fun things or just get started on your wiki, visit the below link for video tours and detailed instructions! Or visit the 'Help' page located at the top right corner of your wiki!

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