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A website which allows people to create interactive timelines.  You can embed videos, twitter updates, blogs, flickr, and other websites within the timelines. You can also view the timeline as a flipbook, list or map.

Create an Account: Dipity 
Instructional Uses
General Uses- Dipity timelines are used to track changes or updates over time of different events.  They allow students to create more relevant timelines by embedding videos and making them interactive unlike a traditional timeline.  These timelines can be used by students to track their daily activities which can help them see how their days compare to those of other students in the class.  Dipity timelines can also be viewed in different modes, including multimedia Timeline, Flipbook, List View, and Map View.  these timelines can also be used by teachers to help plan out a curriculum for a semester.
English Language Arts Can be used to track the events of a novel, or to follow the books which your students have read or are reading.
           Example: Books I'm Reading
Foreign Languages and Cultures   Can be used to follow the history of different cultural influences with in the world.
            Example: Spanish Artists
Mathematics - A math classroom can incorporate Dipity to help show how different discoveries in mathematics have helped to bring math to what it is today.
            Example: History of Mathematics
Science  Can be used to follow changes in technology throughout history to update science, and can also be used to follow updates in science classroom instructions.
            Example:  Churchill Science
Social Studies – Can use Dipity to follow major events of history; there is also a map feature which allows people to view the events from the locations which they took place.
            Example:  Haiti Earthquake

Useful Websites
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