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A software program for SmartBoard. It enables you to create, deliver and manage interactive lessons for different subject areas. With SmartNotebook, you can incorporate multimedia (audio, video, hyperlinks), interactive activity and assessment templates (anagram, word guess, image match, timeline, hotspot) and other application tools (Number Cruncher, Smart Speller, Smart Ideas, Smart Response) to make your lessons engaging and interactive.

A. SmartNotebook Toolbar 

B. My Favorite 10 SmartNotebook Tools
  1. Timer
  2. Interactive Tools (e.g., dice, coins, math tools)
  3. Number Generator
  4. Question Tab
  5. Pop out (e.g, balloon)
  6. Group Generator
  7. Recorder
  8. Checker
  9. Tab
  10. Word Generator

C. Activities (Toolkit): Gallery

D. Tips and Tricks (Videos) 

Checker Tool                Click to Reveal              Erase to Reveal           Random Generator
Magic Tunnel               Magnifying Glass           Page Recorder              Pull Tabs

Q & A: Answers to your "How to" Questions

F. Sample Lessons (SMART Exchange)

English Language Arts - a page of information on creative use SmartBoard and SmartNotebook in teaching ELA.

 © 2009 KEllison

  An introductory lesson on poetry. Uses online videos to illustrate poetry concepts. Includes a student activity on creating concrete poems.

Foreign Languages and Cultures  a page of information on creative use of SmartBoard and SmartNotebook in teaching FL. 

Sample Lesson

Mathematics - list and brief descriptions on SmartNotebook lessons on algebra, geometry, calculus, probability and statistics. 

 © 2009 DWall

A lesson on graphing quadratic functions using interactive template. Includes Geometer's Skechpad parabola sketch.

Science -  a page of information on creative use of SmartBoard and SmartNotebook in teaching science. 
 © 2009 AWilkey

A lesson on solar system. Uses videos and interactive activities.

Social Studies - list and brief descriptions of SmartNotebook lessons on geography, history, U.S. politics. and women at war.

 © 2008 KSchuetz

A lesson on world holidays. Includes different interactive activities for students.

Other Applications/Tools - a page of information about smart speller, number cruncher, smart ideas (including sample concept map), and smart response.

G. Useful Websites 

Eduscapes - This website lists several links to interesting interactive files using SmartBoard.

Get Smart with SmartBoard!- This website offers resources to help teachers use the SmartBoard to its full potential. There are recommendations, activities, and hints to help teachers.

Instructional Technology- Wichita Public Schools- Lists various content areas (Elementary, Music, Math, etc.) and provides lots of SmartBoard lessons for each content area.

K-3 SmartBoard - List of websites for K-3 SmartBoard lessons and activities. 

Lee's Summit School District, MO- Lists lots of useful websites that each contain many Smart Board lessons for various content areas.

Promethean Planet - contains several materials that can be used in creating lessons using the Promethean interactive whiteboard.
School Profiles - Listing of PDF files showcasing profiles of different schools and how they are using SmartBoard in teaching and learning.

Shine & Write - A collection of math tools that can be used in any whiteboard, interactive or not.

SmartBoard Exchange This website gives you tons of options to choose from for notebook lesson activities. You can search by curriculum standard or grade and subject level.

SmartBoard Lesson Podcasts - A subscription based podcasts on K-12 lessons using SmartNotebook.

SmartNotebook Software Support- This site provides many troubleshooting and "how-to" articles regarding the Smart Notebook software.

SmartBoard Tools - More websites and tools.

SmartTech - Website for Smartboard and other related products. It has collections of lessons for K-12 using SmartNotebook software, product tutorials and training opportunities.

Teachers Love Smart Boards!- By categorizing the subject area, this website makes it easy to find great smart board ideas such as videos, podcasts, games, and pre-made smart board pages. There are also training specials for help to learn about SmartBoard for teachers.

Unit 5 Resources - List of curriculum resources hosted in Unit 5 district website.

YouTube - On this site you can search "smart notebook tutorials" for general SmartBoard instructional videos or for tutorials on how to do specific tasks on the Smart Notebook.