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Tomei, Lawrence A. (Ed.) Challenges of Teaching with Technology across the Curriculum: Issues and Solutions Presents issues and solutions in integrating technology in science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, foreign languages, and fine arts classrooms. 
Grabe M., & Grabe, C. Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning Presents interesting activities and projects using technology and discusses issues related to technology integration. 
Hamilton, Boni IT's Elementary!: Integrating Technology in the Primary Grades Shares practical ideas on integrating technology in teaching different subject areas in the elementary school. 
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching Mathematics through Technology A focus issue on use of technology in teaching math. 
Vrasidas, Charalambos, & Glass, Gene V. (Eds.) Preparing Teachers to Teach with Technology Contains articles on technology integration involving in-service teachers, preservice teachers, and teacher educators. 
National Council for the Social Studies Social Education: Going Digital in the Social Studies, Vol 71, 3, April 2007 A special issue on the use of timeline, digital audio, podcast, computer simulations, GIS, IMovie, chat rooms and online images in teaching social studies. 
National Council for the Social Studies Social Education: Plugging into the Past - Using Technology to Explore History, Vol 68, 3, April 2004 A special issue on the use of online media, online narratives, local history, history websites, digital images, web inquiry projects, and multimedia in teaching history. 
National Council for the Social Studies Social Education: Powering Social Studies with Technology, Vol 69, 3, April 2005 A special issue on the use of webquests, digital history, online discussions, problem-based study, and internet in teaching social studies. 
National Council for the Social Studies Social Education: Teaching U.S. History with Primary Sources, Vol 67, 7, Nov/Dec 2003 A special issue on use of primary sources in teaching. 
National Council for the Social Studies Social Education: Visions of Technology Past and Preset, Vol 72, 3, April 2008 A special issue covering technology topics: web, wiki, electronic discussion, internet, and website. 
Male, Mary Technology for Inclusion: Meeting the Special Needs of all Students Presents and discusses technology resources and applications (representations, expression, and engagement) to meet the needs of all students 
Bell, Randy L., Gess-Newsome, Julie, & Luft, Julie (Eds.) Technology in the Secondary Science Classroom Science teachers and science educators present ideas in integrating differrent techologies (e.g., digital images and videos, computer simulations, probeware tools, geotechnologies, online data, web-based or virtual, online assesment) in teaching science concepts. 
Masalski, William J., & Elliott, Portia C. (Eds.) Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environments NCTM's 67th Yearbook 
Firek, Hilve Ten Easy Ways to Use Technology in the English Classroom Practical resource for English Language Arts teachers who are interested in integrating audio and video projects, television, movies, interactive writing, webquests, concept mapping software, class website, and powerpoint in teaching. 
Showing 14 items