Interested in tutoring on  the basics of coding or learning the Python programming language? Awesome! Fill out the form below. Please include what type of tutoring you'd be interested in based on the descriptions below.
Programming Concepts
  • what is a program
  • thinking about logic
  • real world associations of loops, branches and classes
Programming Basics
  • Programming Concepts +
  • learning syntax
  • solving problems with basic programs
Programming Intermediate
  • Programming Basics +
  • working through simple coding challenges
  • learning basics of software design
  • exploring modules and interacting with APIs
Programming Advanced
  • Programming Intermediate +
  • working through a mid-sized project
  • exploring multithreaded and multiprocess applications
  • exploring interprocess communication with sockets and queues
Programming Interviews
  • resume consult
  • advice on applying for software jobs
Programming Career
  • Custom tailored. Subjects may included [ regular expressions, working with csv files, consulting on how programming can help you in your job ]