Shoden - Reiki Level I

The Reiki First Degree course is equivalent to a two day course as it consists of spending time reading and practicing with the Home Study Pack provided and a Practical Training Day. Before the training day you will need to spend approximately 9 hours reading, as well as listening to the cd’s. One of the cd’s contains a commentary on the main sections of the manual and the other gives guided mediations. You will only use the first two meditations at this level then the other two tracks once you have attended your Second Degree Course, if you choose to do so. I will send you these materials as soon as I receive your deposit. You will receive a certificate following completion of the course.
On the practical training day we will review the home study material and talk about the Original System, including the importance of Mikao Usui’s precepts. The rest of the day consists of the following:

:: Carrying out energy exercises on ourselves and each other
:: Learning a traditional Japanese self-treatment meditation and a daily energy exercise, which strengthens your intuition
:: Learning the Western approach to carrying out self-treatments
:: Giving a full Reiki treatment

Finally we will talk about Distant Healing and treating animals and plants.

You will receive three Reiju Empowerments throughout the morning, which are the original Japanese empowerments. These are simple yet very powerful.
The cost for this course, including the Home study pack : £ 150
To book a Reiki course you can either :
pay by internet banking.  I will be happy to email you my bank details once you have provided me with your full name, address and mobile phone number.