Shinpiden - Level III - Master/Teacher

For those of you who wish to continue your journey and development with Reiki, Reiki Mastership represents the end of one journey and the commencement of another.

This course is equivalent to a five day course. You will need to spend at least three days working through the course manual, two audio CDs containing meditations and instructions and the 30 minute DVD which demonstrates how to carry out Reiju empowerments and Western attunements. You will also be attending two practical training days. 

Following completion of the course you can teach Reiki yourself and a guide to running your own courses is included in the materials.

After paying your deposit you will receive your materials, which cover everything we focus upon on the training days. If you have completed Reiki 1 and 2 with a different teacher please do not worry as you can receive the materials for these courses, as a Conversion Pack, for a fee of £35.

We will start the first day by discussing what has happened since taking Reiki Second Degree and look at the Original System. Then you will:

On Day 1 

:: Learn the Reiki kotodama and experience their energies
:: Receive an Empowerment at Master level
:: Receive a Western style attunement
:: Learn how to attune others Western style
:: Practise a Western style attunement

On Day 2 

:: Receive an Empowerment at Master Level
:: Learn how to carry out Reiju Empowerments
:: Practise Reiju Empowerments
:: Use Intent and Intuition when treating
:: Learn about Distant connections and Self-Empowerments
:: Learn and practise the Empowerment kotodama

You will receive a Reiki Master Teacher certificate after the course.
The cost for this course, including the Home study pack : £ 470
To book a Reiki course you can either :
pay by internet banking.  I will be happy to email you my bank details once you have provided me with your full name, address and mobile phone number.