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Screencasts are short screen captures, usually of a tablet PC, with instructor narration. They are solutions to example problems, explanations of concepts, software tutorials, introduction to topics, descriptions of diagrams, and reviews of material. Screencasts supplement textbooks, classes, and office hours and allow students to learn at their own pace. Many of the screencasts are organized by textbook table of contents found on each topic page. We have over 600 screencasts.

Interactive screencasts present a multiple choice question where the viewer chooses an answer within the video. The video response guides the user to the correct answer and explanation. They are available for Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For more information, see our YouTube channel.

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Interactive Simulations
Wolfram Mathematica-based simulations (Wolfram Demonstrations) are available for a number of mechanical engineering topics. These simulations allow the user to determine how system behavior changes when variables are changed using sliders. The simulations can be accessed using free Wolfram based browser plug-ins or using the free Wolfram CDF player that enables the simulation to be loaded offline; a Mathematica software license is not required. For more information about the simulations and their use, go to Wolfram Demonstrations. We have over 50 interactive simulations.

All simulations are copyrighted © 2013 Wolfram Demonstrations Project & Contributors. 
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Student Resources

This section contains other resources for mechanical engineering education. The MATLAB software files are available to download.

More resources are in the process of being added.

Students: let us know which resources you like to use. Email us at

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Instructor Resources

ConcepTests challenge students with qualitative questions that are not answered by memorization. Used in tandem with peer instruction, ConcepTests can dramatically improve functional understanding while allowing instructors to gauge students understanding immediately and tailor their instruction accordingly.

InstructorsCheck out the resources to request access our 500+ ConcepTest inventory.