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Favorite Web Tools

Bookmarking Tools for Your Favorite Resources, Articles, and Sites

  1. Chrome Bookmarks
  2. Diigo
  3. Delicious
  4. Symbaloo - visual way of saving bookmarks in the form of tiles.
  5. Draggo - a drag and drop way of saving bookmarks. 
  6. Instapaper - save anything and read anywhere.
  7. Pocket - save articles and read later.

Assessment Tools for Students

  1. Socrative - create pre-made or "on-the-fly" multiple choice, true/false, and short answer. Easily collect student data. 
  2. NearPod - interactive presentation and assessment tool. See blog post. 
  3. Kahoot - an engaging and fun way to assess students. 
  4. Quizalize - many of the same features of Socrative and Kahoot. See blog post. 
  5. Quizizz - another engaging assessment tool! See blog post
  6. FlipQuiz - create your own Jeopardy game. See blog post
  7. Purpose Games - create your own or use another's  knowledge games. See blog post.

Presentation Tools

  1. Google Slides 
  2. Prezi
  3. Haiku Deck 
  4. Emaze
  5. PowToon 
  6. MoveNote - combining the power of your webcam, pictures, and voice. 
  7. Google My Maps - an excellent way to use maps as a presentation tool
  8. GoAnimate 

Vocabulary Development Tools

  1. Quizlet - create your own flashcards
  2. StudyBlue - create your own flashcards 
  3. Blanchan Shahi - visual dictionary using the power of Google, Yahoo, and Flickr images. 
  4. Snappy Words - visual dictionary tool.
  5. Visuwords - a visual dictionary tool.

Screencasting Tools to Flip Your Classroom

  1. Screencastomatic - web-based platform to record on your screen
  2. Jing - screencasting tool
  3. MoveNote - combine your webcam, voice, and the pictures  
  4. AwwApp - interactive whiteboard

Tools to Organize and Collect Student Work 

  1. Edmodo - an educational version of Facebook
  2. Schoology 
  3. Google Classroom (only available for GAFE Schools)
  4. SeeSaw - a great journalization tool for students in elementary and middle school. See blog post. 
  5. LiveBinders - an electronic binder that can be used to organize materials or build student portfolios. 
  6. The Work Collector (Script) - a cool way to collect student work into a Google Drive folder. See blog post. 

Tools to Build a Web Presence (Websites and Blogs)

  1. Google Sites - create websites for free with your Google account
  2. Weebly - free website tool
  3. Wix - create dynamic websites
  4. Blogger - great blogging platform
  5. Kid Blog - perfect tool for moderating student blog posts and protecting student privacy

Amazing Pictures and Word Clouds

  1. Wordle - word cloud tool
  2. Tagxedo - word cloud into shapes
  3. Pics 4 Learning - a great place to get copyright-friendly pictures
  4. MorgueFile - high quality creative commons images
  5. Pixabay - free images that you can reuse anywhere
  6. Pic Monkey - free editing tool
  7. Loupe Collage - create your own picture collage.  See blog post

Tools for Collaboration and Brainstorming

  1. Padlet - students can share thoughts, pictures, files through virtual post-it notes
  2. Today's Meet - create your own temporary classroom chatroom 
  3. Bubbl.us - good brainstorming tool 
  4. AnswerGarden - share a URL and have your students add their own phrases and words
  5. Google Keep - share your ideas, manage projects, etc.
  6. Read Write Think - filled with numerous tools and interactives for learning 
  7. Tweeter Board (Google Form) - a great way to have your student's "tweet" without Twitter

URL Shorteners and QR Code Generators

  1. Goo.gl - generates shortened URL, QR Code, and provides statistics 
  2. TinyURL - create your own customized URL
  3. QR Code Generator - publish content and generate a QR Code. 
  4. QR Stuff - create your own customized QR Codes

Classroom Management and Personal Productivity Tools

  1. Class Dojo - online behavior management system
  2. Remind - send quick messages to parents and students on any device
  3. Wunderlist - an excellent checklist and project management tool on any device
  4. Evernote - keep track of notes, ideas, important pieces of information, etc. on any device
  5. TimeMe - collection of free stopwatches, timers, etc. 
  6. Too Noisy - regulate the noise levels in your classroom
  7. Smore - a great tool for creating event pages for student
  8. Planboard - great place to generate and share lesson plans