Welcome, to the "Learn IT, Girl!" international mentorship program official website! 

This website is of the first edition of "Learn IT, Girl". For current editions, check www.learnitgirl.com

Our aim is to help women learn a programming language while doing an awesome project! But don't worry, you're not alone in this journey, each scholar has a mentor that guides them on their path. There are many roads you can take and we will make sure you go on the one that is best for you - without missing out on the important features of the chosen language.

The program is now finished! Everybody involved will be notified by email of their completion of the program. Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing journey!


"Learn IT, Girl!" is an international mentorship program, which means that every woman accepted as a scholar will be guided by a mentor. 

Any woman of any age can apply to become a scholar, as long as they want to learn a programming language. The mentors will help you to learn by doing, they will give you resources, answer your questions, and help you understand how coding works. To make it a bit more fun, the mentors and the scholars will be from different countries. 

Scholars get to choose the project they want to work on, and they should have an idea prior to enrolling (it's best to think of something that you would actually love to work on, something other people would also like to use or help develop). The projects will be hosted on GitHub, so the scholars will also learn how to handle Open Source projects. In time, if their programs become popular, more people will offer to help them with their projects, so the scholars have a chance to become team leaders as well. 

The program lasts for three months, from November 2014 to January 2015; applications for the program start in October (we start by enrolling and selecting mentors, and after that we continue with scholars enrolment). There will be a mid-term and a final evaluation, so be prepared to share your results with the world!

Application results: Mentor / Scholar matching

The results are finally here! We are so happy to announce the mentor / scholar matches for this first edition of "Learn IT, Girl!". We want to thank everyone who applied! In case you weren't selected for this edition, you can still join one of the scholar projects (after they will be announced, on the Facebook group).

No. Mentor given name Mentor family name Scholar given name Scholar family name Programming language Project link Wiki / Blog link
Project description
1 Radu Poenaru Maria Bernert Android http://goo.gl/9apNth Wiki Shopping / ToDo list for Android.
2 Cristina Mihailescu Elena Birnicu Java

3 Maria I. Nthabiseng Mashiane C++

4 Ploehn Cathryn Sridivya Gajjarapu HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/sYs0uK Wiki A website in which women in IT can contribute their articles/blogs, like a community of tech women with all their articles at one place, specified by category or by month. A reader can look into all the articles at one place which are contributed by different IT women.
5 Debra Duke Garvita Sharma Java http://goo.gl/7H4hGe http://goo.gl/SUxlzZ The project is to build an active batch job, which executes periodically to synchronize data between 2 or more databases.
6 Pedro Brito Kate Koman C++

7 Daniela Dorneanu Sarah Reymond Python http://goo.gl/zP870A

8 Rodrigo Surita Joanna Szymanska HTML, CSS, JavaScript

9 Cristiane Maia Nutan Paprikar Java

10 Thiago Abdnur Marta Bigus Python http://goo.gl/OKrsus http://goo.gl/qQ645N
11 Mutlu Kocak Irina Jackiewicz HTML, CSS, JavaScript

12 Irina Muchnik Anna Czerwiec HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/TRg8pk http://goo.gl/7WdLW6 If you have 100+ games you paid for and still playing F2P Team Fortress 2 or other indie game you suffer from * Steam Sale Syndrome *. From time to time you feel guilty about it and try play something totally different. Don’t waste an hour again trying to pick something you’d enjoy and leave that to the power of s h u f f l e!
13 Dammina Sahabandu Silvia Lascu HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/4S1lfr http://goo.gl/7OwB1E A site with upcycling ideas, that also has a section for counseling, in case people have an old item and they want to bring it back to life.
14 Anahita Davoudi Justine Clarke Ruby http://goo.gl/NbsY68

15 Carrick Bartle Maria Daniela Cristian Java

16 Maciej Kucharski Dorota Kolasińska HTML, CSS, JavaScript, maybe some Ruby http://goo.gl/dmYwZs
"MyCard" is a single page application, designed to create personalized business cards in few simple steps. The application will generate a pdf file with the printable version of the card. "MyCard" will also allow create user's account and save created project for future use.
17 Hadil Abukwaik Ankita Singla Java

18 Bilge Aslan Monika Popielewicz Python http://goo.gl/5Md8K2 http://goo.gl/m1Qn5Q    The project is a speech recognition program which will be taking short text notes. Based on voice commands, users will be able to open some note application and save their voice notes as a text. It can be useful for quick to-do list, shopping list or simple notes with things to remember.
19 Astha Agarwal Jesse Irwin Python

20 Michele Aiello Malgorzata Kolodziejczyk Java

21 Ayushi Dalmia Ana Maria Stuparu Python http://goo.gl/X6NVRd http://goo.gl/IY5bmm Dynamic Reporting Interface using Web2Py- Given a database, compute support basic operations to generate a pdf which summarises the information needed.
22 Niharika Kohli Andreea Visanoiu HTML, CSS, JavaScript

23 Heena Mahour Anu Mittal C++, Qt, QML http://goo.gl/qPXVaO http://goo.gl/XDLKZY Kalzium is a full-featured chemistry application, including a Periodic Table of Elements, chemical reference, chemical equation solver, and 3D molecule viewer.This package is part of the KDE education module.
24 Kesha Shah Dinu Kumarasiri Ruby http://goo.gl/4QVHLk http://goo.gl/NCSizq When you go out with your friends or colleagues we share our expenses with each other. Typically one person spend for the whole group and others pay that person later. Expense Splitter will record and manage your group expenses, and help you manage them efficiently.
25 Oluwafunmilola Kesa Anna Wachowicz C#

26 Luminita Apostol Chepkorir Stellah Rotich Java http://goo.gl/UNIjIo
Application that gets the weather news and sends the information via SMS.
27 Simona Poilinca Marcelina Izworska Java http://goo.gl/CoKlIS http://goo.gl/bkh9kQ The project is a basic virtual system of files, with folders, sub-folders, and functions such as: ls, create, write, edit, delete (using users and permissions).
28 Alexandra Marin Sabina Niewiadomska C# http://goo.gl/wNXBSe http://goo.gl/O7zPiZ Simple online guitar tuner web application.
29 Tamara Atanasoska Radina Matic Python

30 Khaterine Castellano Anna Nalewajko Objective-C http://goo.gl/OkqgYf http://goo.gl/k6F7pY "The story to tell" - an app for Ipad teaching about feelings and emotions. In short: an interactive book for children.
31 Ashley Calliotte Agnieszka Łyszko HTML, CSS http://goo.gl/ajNLE8
The project is a basic website, for Agnieszka's friends and their work as art directors / stage designers. It will contain pictures, a picture gallery, videos of their work etc.
32 Narjis Hachilif Anna Pawlowska Ruby

33 María del Carmen Jiménez Campos Marta Otak Java

34 Catalin Ilinca Magdalena Pospieszała HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby http://goo.gl/WaUJJG http://goo.gl/VLvM1c A simple Smoothie Mixer App. Get the best smoothie recipes the way you like it! The application will randomly mix ingredients like fruits, vegetables and other and give the user finished smoothie recipe.
35 Alexandra Anghel Agnieszka Bugajska JavaScript, Backbone.js http://goo.gl/0xB9oc
The project is a cookbook application. We can edit, add and delete recipes. We will also add recipes to our 'favorite list'. It will be also possible to find a recipe with the help of search input, or to sort them, for example alphabetically.
36 Katerina Trajchevska Carmen Mitru HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery http://goo.gl/1cQbgw http://goo.gl/P8iQA0 This project consists of building a website, which helps pupils learn physics in a different way. The pupils will have accounts, from where they will have access to the online lessons (educational software). Also,the teacher can create groups,add homework, quizzes, tests and generate reports about the situation of different group of pupils.
37 Sabela Ramos Katarzyna Werner-Mozolewska Java, OSM Maps http://goo.gl/jC90oa http://goo.gl/tpGZpp The project is a Kayak trips planner: create and browse uploaded routes, mark important spots (in different categories, like camp places, shops, obstacles - e.g. stones or fallen trees etc.), photos etc. 
38 Krzysztof Pilch Ouafa Benterki C++ http://goo.gl/6iCI2M http://goo.gl/YKYLxK The program will do machine translation from English into French. Moreover, it will do speech tagging for words from the input text.
39 Sławek Biel Daniela Tudor Java

40 Paweł Pruszkowski Borjana Mojsovska HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/TMGXpr http://goo.gl/DWzzvj A browser text-based adventure game, featuring simple yet nice UI and non-linear storyline. This will be a game which aims to teach people about tolerance, feminism and equality.
41 Marcin Skurczynski Ute Bracklow Python http://goo.gl/0g5ovS http://goo.gl/igyayp "Zippi" is a web application to create and save individual maps for travel planning. You can add pins for the sites you want to visit; the final map will help you decide which route to take, which cities or sights not to miss and to have all information in one place.
42 Abhishek Singh Alexandra Maria Bodîrlău Python http://goo.gl/TD7ejw

'IT Tech Pulse' is a web application where people can find information about the best dealer  to repair broken or malfunctioning parts of their electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, gadgets.
43 Cristiana Petrescu Magda Starszak

44 Alexandru Raduta Ogechi Ogbunando HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

45 Gabriela Thumé Ewa Zielińska HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/r7VKyA
http://goo.gl/pV9DpY This is a project about the city of Bytom, an old town with a complicated history. It will be a visual guide, where other people could also contribute to the experience by adding their own photos.
46 Ioana Verebi Aleksandra Kowalczuk Java http://goo.gl/N30FCK http://goo.gl/EYGYJV BioTip is a project for everyone who is interested in bioinformatics and want to learn something new every day. The mobile application for Android will provide tutorials etc. and users can take quizzes after they have seen the materials.
47 Matei Ţene Iwona Matujewicz-Niziałek Java http://goo.gl/yQfkzp http://goo.gl/07sC6d A webservice to manage process in small pizzeria.
48 Marcin Kolny Corina Teodorescu C# http://goo.gl/qy46Xj
A mobile app which will display news information and a webservice which will indent this information and then send it to the app. Main purpose of the app is enabling the users to upload news in a new way, using pictures, hashtags and referencing links.
49 Dominik Heine Magdalena Rut Python http://goo.gl/xmdBnq http://goo.gl/uokw4T This project is a scalable website with potential to easily adapt for other regions. It's a search/browse/commit project that's useful both for dedicated craft beer freaks and for casual consumers. It supports small, craft breweries and local entrepreneurs, giving them the platform to inform the world about their products, and to get some feedback as well.
50 Yasir Bilal Bożena Rolnik C#, .NET

51 Oskar Lakner Elżbieta Buk HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby

52 Tomasz Kolek Alina Dumbrava Python

53 Marta Żukowska Agata Wojdon Java http://goo.gl/oBya7Z http://goo.gl/i3j6HZ Home Library is a program which enables you to find an interesting book in your personal library by giving e.g. title or literary genre.
54 Mateusz Jany Laura Constantin C#, .NET

55 Carola Nitz Bianka Lasocka Objective-C

56 Natalia Stanko Diana Macau HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP http://goo.gl/gDGIUA
An app that will be able to generate a book or movie recommendation based on your mood. If you're feeling bored and are in the mood for something funny, then you can ask the app to generate possible books and/or movies for you to read or watch
57 Beata Zalewa Gabriela Stroie HTML, CSS, JavaScript

58 Andrzej Pasterczyk Adelina Pană C# http://goo.gl/H5owHr

A personal bookmark agenda, to keep links, while also separating them into categories: music, pictures, programming etc.
59 Wajeb Saab Anna Wąchała Java http://goo.gl/I5P9MD http://goo.gl/oHsrhr This project will use SQL database to store a warranty confirmations and details about its products. It will also display reminders about the products that won't be no longer covered by the warranty
60 Olga Kamińska Sorina Avram Android http://goo.gl/M7Gtaj http://goo.gl/Aw1nep "Star Jump" is a game where your character jumps on steps and has to avoid hollow ones. He has to reach the highest step in order to collect the star, and the game is also timed.
61 Viviana Petrescu Chinenye Ezeakor Python http://goo.gl/mvZIXp

62 Oana Niculaescu Joanna Lisek HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/1kDxiE http://goo.gl/k47Ukp Online application for mind-mapping.
63 Matei Oprea Anna Barcik HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

64 Piotr Gródek Laura Voicu Python
The project's aim is to create a Kanban-Scrum board that can be useful for every IT team that uses those frameworks to accomplish their projects.
65 Ana Oprea Oluyemisi Satope Python http://goo.gl/ESwGQA http://goo.gl/oPCF8Q iDibo is an online voting system that allows users to cast their votes for an election or poll, without their individual opinion being made known to others. This service can be used for election purposes and different forms of polling, such as a teacher trying to find out the students’ opinion on some subject matter.
66 Madalina Grosu Nina Hlawiczka Java

67 Mihaela Gaman Lisa Kirchner Java

68 Adam Stankiewicz Alexandra Chifor HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby http://goo.gl/8zD8y5 http://goo.gl/9Ll6e9 A fitness web app for tracking workouts. You can log in, register the exercises you completed along with other specific details such as muscle group, no. of series, no. of reps, weight used etc.
69 Jana Pejic Jolanta Szkaradek HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/gVqm0J http://goo.gl/MKWf1J An online shop for selling herbs and spices.
70 Gosia Borzęcka Geetika Batra C#, .NET, JavaScript http://goo.gl/JCHfWt http://goo.gl/IPbszu
This is a software to keep a track of employees in an organization.
71 Maciej Kucharski Alexandra Geogea HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript http://goo.gl/z8s7I1 http://goo.gl/R3RkSz
The project is to build a web application for people suffering of depression. The application will help them find activity groups in their local area.
72 Anamaria Craciun Karolina Paweloszek HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/9efgc0 http://goo.gl/F9DkK6 A website for managing the budget. You can provide your income and expenses, and it will generate a budget report.
73 Christophe Pollet Cristina Tudorache Java http://goo.gl/kQ4dqk http://goo.gl/3UtC80 A project in HR area to keep detailed records about employers and their employees. 
74 Daria Nedelcu Monika Mróz  HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/cO3uDH http://goo.gl/soeB7M Everyone's Archive is a website/web app that allows people to publish interesting family archives, interesting, unusual and rare documents, objects, drawings etc.
75 Jennifer Strater Camille Nibungco

76 Zhou Fang Katarzyna Ryniak Python

77 Omolara Adejuwon Malina Rusu Java http://goo.gl/2iQq6b
Java web-based application that allows people to enter specific criteria on what they expect from a vacation and based on that the requester would be provided with the most suitable touristic options.
78 Bartłomiej Buk Iulia Mastacaneanu C# http://goo.gl/8bU0rR http://goo.gl/XsyJd5 A tool to store expenses for multiple users. It will also show statistics and predict future spending.
79 Olga Rosik-Rosińska Anamaria Ghenciu HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails http://goo.gl/dLpDSL http://goo.gl/5uu4CF The project, HelpOut, is a web application that will make collaboration fun and efficient.
80 Maria Nita Daniella Sikora Ruby

81 Andrei Roman Sara Mishchil Java http://goo.gl/OjE07Y http://goo.gl/aV1nWj
82 Astha Agarwal
Noorain Hussain Python http://goo.gl/5hVqtF

83 Marcin Bunsch Alexandra Sandu HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby http://goo.gl/XOK2mj
A web page for Alexandra's personal photography. You can find the result up and running here.
84 Magdalena Sadlo Madalina Oana Ungur Java http://goo.gl/x250fT
http://goo.gl/rxWJZL This simple Android app will help users answer such questions by enabling them to easily keep track of their mood on the one hand, and their daily habits on the other (sleep, food & drinks intake, exercise, sex etc.).
85 Harshna Patel Aleksandra Zalecka Python http://goo.gl/vcDybJ
http://goo.gl/Oixdh2 This project will focus on predictive modelling of bike sharing demand data (provided by kaggle.com). The main aims are analysis and visualisation of the data using Python.
86 Aleksandra Gavrilovska Marzena Kacprowicz Objective-C

87 Dominika Mips Marilena Bescuca HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby http://goo.gl/mJAJRj http://goo.gl/7W5oP8 Langy Learny is a language learning game which covers different topics of vocabulary or grammar. For the vocabulary ones there will be images to illustrate every new word and for the grammar ones, dialogues or sentences to point out the rules. The game will also comprise some tests in order to allow the users to check the knowledge they acquired in our game.
88 Bartosz Zgłobicki Oana Stegăruș C++

89 Chia-Yin Tsai Dulshani Gunawardhana C++

90 Sinziana Gafitanu Anna Dziębowska Objective-C http://goo.gl/4pkBal http://goo.gl/m9zVpk An iPhone app, that will make musical recommendations based on the information from Spotify, Lastfm or Facebook profiles, maybe the mood or the weather. It could be extended to finding musical buddies from one's area in future
91 Roxana Necula Amarachi Nzekwe HTML, CSS, PHP http://goo.gl/3BXafI http://goo.gl/zl0Ivz It's a software project that aids project management. It includes task reminders, task completion flags and a number pm oriented concepts.
92 Adelina Stanciu Olga Assanowicz Ruby on Rails
http://goo.gl/PIwtBj http://goo.gl/T9eQwL Morning Ruby: a website to help you solve the morning dilemma 'What should I have for breakfast?'. Inspired by Pinterest, developed in Ruby.
93 Alexandru Albu Marta Malczenko HTML, CSS, JavaScript

94 Carla Sanchez Aguilar Agnieszka Trusiewicz C++ http://goo.gl/4VyCFp http://goo.gl/gu3GUQ The application in C++ that will work like a communicator (chat) within the same network
95 Jakub Derda Madalina-Florentina Ciucu Java

96 Janice Regan Courtney Tambling Java

97 Lorena Martin Rhianna Jarrett Scratch

98 Ishita Gupta Ndakondja Shilenga C++

99 Estela Pochintesta Bilska Kamila Java

100 Pokusa Daniel Irina Cojanu Java, Android
A mobile application for a crossword puzzle generator.
101 Alexandru Ivana Alicja Lachman Java http://goo.gl/3ogupT

102 Florin Petrovici Iman Malik Python http://goo.gl/mZr906
A website for bookmark management, also providing a social twist to it.
103 Alma Castillo Antolin Ewa Jaroslawska Java http://goo.gl/ZL3JEy http://goo.gl/Q8Bzgx This project consists of building a game for orientation. The game will define a map on a grid where only some points are connected, one or two ways. The game will show users a path on the map first and will ask them to follow that path after having seen it.
104 Bianca Tesila Iva Stefanovska Scala http://goo.gl/klyl3z
Simple desktop application for making a personalized nutrition plan, with a small database including a person's measurements and progress.
105 Joanna Galewska Mihaela Teleuca Java

106 Mihai Stancu Karolina Ścierska HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP http://goo.gl/sr95T5 http://goo.gl/zJYJbV
It will control the execution of multiple tasks at one time and it will designate a person to a task based on her/his abilities.
107 Dragos Cazacu Patrycja Leszek-Królikowska HTML, JavaScript http://goo.gl/mg7D0v http://goo.gl/NFGHwb The project is called "FunnySticker" and it supports gamification in teams, adding funny stickers for friends.
108 Gowtham Ashok Lana Sumilin Python

109 Prashasti Kapadia Iuliana Marius-Pop Java http://goo.gl/OwHl9l http://goo.gl/NMr3N8
Simple Java Chat that allows you to communicate with multiple clients in the same network. 
110 Ayush Gupta Ana Balica Java http://goo.gl/kNIKKe http://goo.gl/SVNVF9 Meow Letters is an educational game for children to practice the knowledge of an alphabet.
111 Joan Maritim Katarzyna Potasz-Kulikowska HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/nGLOnx
A website about psychology in IT.
112 Lucia Larise Stavarache Anna Kalinowska HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP http://goo.gl/DuA63F
Portal for book lovers, minimalists & enthusiasts of shared economy. Lend and borrow books & have fun!
113 Anu Vazhayil Taryn Musgrave Ruby

114 Sylwia Robak Ikram El Khadji Ruby, Ruby on Rails

115 Karen Mikaela Saavedra Chavez Rachel Black JavaScript, PHP http://goo.gl/1AgqVo http://goo.gl/UpKcxC A website (landing page & calendar page) to act as a platform to list mediation and mindfulness events across London. 
116 Aditi Mehta Victoria Leahu HTML, CSS, JavaScript http://goo.gl/SEz49h http://goo.gl/HfxRur A personal blog
117 Pramiti Goel Svetlana Elikova

118 Paweł S. Adela Călin Java http://goo.gl/ZIGgVL http://goo.gl/cdEESY Cr8 is a creativity app, web-based for now and in the future.. mobile that will help you come up with just the idea you need.