Math Bands for Multiplication

Math Bands are now being sold by American Educational Products and at various school supply stores!  See the list below for a store near you, or click here to purchase online.
Math Bands for Multiplication are a fun, easy way to practice multiplication facts.  How do they work?  Watch the video below and find out!

YouTube Video

Math Bands are available in several different styles.  Each set has 12 bands with 12 facts on each band.  These are available in the stores listed below.

Parent-Teacher Store USA - all locations
The School Box - all locations in GA, TN, and VA.  
Knowledge Tree - all locations
Davie's School Supply - Anniston and Montgomery, AL
Al-Mil Enterprises
Launching Success - Bellingham, WA
Schoolcraft, Inc. - Huntsville, AL
The Neighborhood Tutor - Atoka, TN
School Crossing - Colorado Springs, CO
Teach a Child - Mt. Juliet, TN
Math 'n' Stuff - Seattle, WA
Education Express - Gaffney, SC
Adventures in Learning - Tyler, TX

In my 17 years of teaching experience, I have seen students struggle with the memorization of multiplication facts.  Math bands are designed to help students of all levels learn in a fun way.  "Math Bands for Multiplication" help students understand the relationship between multiplication and division, apply properties to multiplication, as well as practice fluency in multiplication - skills needed before moving to more advanced math concepts.  -- Math Bands Inventor